Top 11 Characteristics and Pisces Traits

Do you have a friend , colleague, lover or family member that is a Pisces? Or perhaps you yourself fall under the Pisces horoscope sign? Pisces is the 12th and final sign in the zodiac cycle and being that their element is water, it explains their often smooth and graceful attitude. The symbol of Pisces is two fish however, that often means they can have dual personalities as well. Read on below to find out more about the top 11 characteristics of this fascinating sign.

1. Loving

Those born under the Pisces are sign are said to be both loving and compassionate people. Pisces have an almost childlike approach to both love and life and are often unconventional in their approach to these. Pisces can be extremely romantic and when in love, are extremely devoted to their partner. What makes Pisces super unique, is there ability to forgive easily, however it’s important that people do not take advantage of their gentle nature.

2. Escapist

It is said that Pisces like to avoid conflict where possible. They are good natured people who like to avoid stress and arguments in their life. Should an argument arise in the family, with a partner or friend , you may often see that Pisces will back away, or avoid the scene all together. Violence especially distresses Pisces and again they will avoid this where possible. Pisces also has a tendency to avoid and escape negativity and problems in their own life, choosing to either avoid it or divert their energy elsewhere.

3. Creative

Pisces ( or Pisceans as they are often called) are very creative beings and often very artsy by nature. They have great visions and are big dreamers, however often they can become stuck in their execution. Pisceans are great at beginning projects and plans, however they often need a push in order to see it through.

4. Social

Pisces are very outgoing and people orientated,especially when adventure is involved. They know how to communicate and participate well in group setting and are also great listeners. Pisces converses well and interesting and enlightening discussions, especially regarding though provoking topics and ideas about the world at large. The are interesting beings and make for a great social companion or friend!

5. Indecisive

Pisces can be perceived as mysterious individuals, who are often deep in thought. Their mind is always full of ideas and fantasies about every situation and area of their life. They like to have control of their circumstances and when things happen outside of their control this is when they either make hasty decisions, or become very indecisive.

6. Responsible

Responsibility is a key attribute and characteristic of those born under the Pisces sign, although at fist glance it doesn’t appear that way as they are often appear very dreamy. Although they love to spend their time fantasizing about life, they are also very tolerant people, with good communication skills and this makes them good leaders.Great responsibility come with leadership and Pisceans are always up for the challenge.

7. Intuitive

Pisceans are said to have great intuition, or a good hunch about things. They seem to have an innate ability to know when it things or good or bad, or even predicting the outcome of something.When Pisces speaks about their feelings on something, take note and listen, as it may very well turn out to be correct!

8. Adaptive

One of the best qualities that Pisces has, is their ability to be adaptive, no matter what circumstance they are in. Much like the element of water that represents them, they have a very fluid attitude toward life. Pisces are able to empathize with others and see themselves in their shoes and such adaptability allows them to make a good friend ,colleague or lover.

9. Self- Pitying

As Pisces are very dreamy individual, they can often fantasize about being and doing many things. As they often get thwarted in the execution of finishing such dreams and plans, this can lead to frustration sadness and even self pity.If they have grand plans that they fall short of, either because of lack of dedication or poor plan this can also seem them severely disappointed. Pisces could do well with having someone assist them in plans and goals, which allow them to take accountability to follow through in such matters and create much more happiness in their lives, should this be the case.

10. Idealist

Pisces is often guided by ideas, ideologies and dreams, which provide them with much spiritual knowledge and intellect.Pisces is always hungry to learn more and is always seeking meaning and answers to perhaps the most deepest questions in life. Pisces is willing to explore and this can often see them travel around the globe, if it means finding the answers they seek. Being an idealist, means they are determined and with the right help and people around them, they can accomplish great things.

11. Soothing

Like the water sign it represents, Pisces is a very soothingand those born under this sign are often very calm by nature. Pisceans also have an uncanny way of soothing and calming those around them and are often very supportive.They have a great listening ear, prefer to be positive and are very encouraging of others as well.

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