New Moon In Taurus & How It Affects Your Zodiac

Looking to find out what the new moon in Taurus suggests? What will it mean for you?

Most people are familiar with the sign of Taurus, but do you know what the New Moon in Taurus means? This astrological event occurs once a year and is considered to be one of the most important times for psychic readings. The New Moon in Taurus is when all planets are aligned on one side of Earth and affects your zodiac sign differently depending on which zodiac you belong to.

Check out our blog and what the new moon in Taurus means for you.

What does the new moon in Taurus mean?

The New Moon in Taurus happens once a year and it’s always around mid-spring. The next one is happening soon, so you better make sure to get your new project started!

Taurus’s new moon horoscopes are about taking care of what matters to you. It’s a time when things take root, and with the Sun in Taurus on your side, making something happen that has substance to it will be easier than ever before.

How will the new moon affect Taurus?

This new moon might manifest in a physical energy boost for some signs, but it could leave you feeling exhausted. Use this quiet lunar moment as a time to reflect and rest instead of trying to tackle everything on your list!

When will the Moon be in Taurus?

It doesn’t matter where your Moon sign is because for a couple of days a month we all feel the influence of a Taurus Moon. When the moon’s in Taurus, there’s an unending dedication to getting what you want! This makes it easier than ever when that time comes around — and even better if those things are longed-for or needed items from earlier on.

What is the Taurus moon attracted to?

The Taurus woman is a lover of the earth and all things organic, she’s drawn to your natural self. You’re not one for chatting online or using text messaging when you can just call her up on the phone instead; it shows that deep down, this woman really wants someone who makes an effort with her.

Who is Taurus Moon compatible with?

Taurus Moon and Pisces Moons are a match made in heaven. Taurus is often the rock to sensitive Pisces, which helps them do well in other areas of their life, such as with their career or education.

These two work well together because they complement each other so nicely, which creates stability and harmony in their lives.

Are Taurus Moons emotional?

The Moon in Taurus is a good-natured, grounded person who knows how to enjoy life’s little pleasures. They have emotional stability that helps them focus on what needs attention when the rest of us are too confused by all this chaos.

Other Significant New Moon Dates

If you are not Taurus, then you may want to find out more about the other star signs and what the new moon means for them.


January 13: New Moon in Capricorn

The Capricorn New moon is coming. The day that we are welcoming it, the sky will be extra dark. I know a lot of us won’t mind because Daylight Savings time ends this weekend too and then you’ll get an extra hour to sleep in tomorrow morning before your alarm goes off.


February 11: New Moon in Aquarius

The Aquarius New Moon is all about tapping into your own inner wisdom. Its been feeling lonely in that dark dungeon of the mind lately and this new moon feels like it’s going to finally set you free! Don’t be surprised if emotions get stronger during this transit, or even intense feelings start running high because they’ve just needed an outlet for so long now!


March 13: New Moon in Pisces

A Pisces New Moon is coming! If you’re feeling stressed and need a little more peace in your life, then this will be the perfect opportunity for some self-care. You’ll finally have time to yourself where it’s just about what makes YOU happy.


April 11: New Moon in Aries

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind and forget what we really care about. Aries new moon just came, so now is a great time for you or your family members to take some well-deserved time off work or make quality memories with loved ones because these things never go away!


June 10: New Moon in Gemini (Lunar Eclipse)

You’re a Gemini with an eclipse? Watch out. The Gemini new moon is coming and you can be the light to people’s day or you could make their life hell depending on what you say!


July 9: New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time to get personal with your goals! You may want to honor that deep-seated feeling of security you feel when at home, while also embracing change outside those walls.


August 8: New Moon in Leo

The full moon in Leo is the perfect time to take inventory of one’s power. Take a moment and think about how you feel it differently throughout different places, like at home or work.


September 6: New Moon in Virgo

Did you meet your goals this year? Just in case not, the new moon on Virgo is a great opportunity to assess what needs changing or adapting so next year you can make it happen. It’s also important that we look at our past mistakes and use them as lessons for future success.


October 6: New Moon in Libra

The Libra new moon is a time to balance out your life, and this October leading up to November will be perfect for you. The sign rules both work and relationships so it’s the best of times!


November 4: New Moon in Scorpio

The November Scorpio new moon is a time for all of us to have some fun and just enjoy our friends.


December 4: New Moon in Sagittarius (Solar Eclipse)

The Sagittarius new moon of 2021 is going to be an exciting one. If you’re a Sag, your next full moon eclipse will make people with placements in other signs have a difficult emotional period throughout the time.


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