New Moon In Aquarius & How It Affects Your Zodiac

Looking to find out what the new moon in Aquarius suggests? What will it mean for you?

The New Moon in Aquarius is a time for new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to start on a new project, make plans and set goals. The energy of this New Moon will help you break free from any bonds that have been holding you back.

This blog post is for those looking to find out more about their zodiac sign and how the New Moon in Aquarius will affect it. Astrology is a topic often debated, but there are many who believe that our zodiac signs can influence our lives.

Check out our blog and what the new moon in Aquarius means for you.

What Does The New Moon In Aquarius Mean?

The new moon on February 11th will be a special one, too. When the lunar cycle begins in Aquarius, it’ll really start to take over our lives and make us more forward-thinking as individuals or collectively as humankind.

The new moon horoscope in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius is just around the corner. When this cosmic event happens, you can be sure that forward-thinking energy will take over our lives and drive us to make a difference as a collective whole.

What is Aquarius Moon attracted to?

If you’re looking for a woman who has her life together, enjoys an intellectual challenge, and wants to experience new things- Aquarius is your sign.

You love the idea of being friends with your partner first before anything else happens because it’s important that she be open-minded but also interesting enough that there will always be something new to talk about.

If your moon or Venus is in Aquarius, you’re attracted to a woman who is independent and free-spirited. She should be intellectually interesting enough for both of you! You want her to try new things with an open mind as well.

Are Aquarius moon loyal?

They’re loyal and considerate. They will let you in on their vulnerabilities only if they love you for real, too. Lunar Aquarians are all about transparency when it comes to relationships – once they settle down with someone, the relationship is out of the bag!

Is Aquarius’s moon emotional?

Aquarius moon people are a little detached emotionally. They love everyone, but may not pay attention to you as much as you would like. This is the sign here that will change most often–but they’re fun and quirky!

How does Aquarius act when they like someone?

Aquarius adores being alone. They are emotional beings, but they hide it until they feel someone can handle it. Aquarius also doesn’t like feeling vulnerable, so if you see them opening up and revealing themselves to be more vulnerable than usual then chances are that means their feelings for you just got stronger!

When is the next new moon in Aquarius?

The next New Moon will happen on Thursday 11 February 2021. The moon won’t be visible from Earth at around 7:05pm, as it ends one lunar cycle and starts another.

The moon is a magical thing. It’s the source of illumination, which means it has to do with how we see and comprehend our surroundings. This New Moon won’t be around for long time so you should get your camera ready!

Other Significant New Moon Dates

If you are not Aquarius, then you may want to find out more about the other star signs and what the new moon means for them.


January 13: New Moon in Capricorn

It’s so dark and cold out now, but don’t forget that you can always take care of yourself. Let this Capricorn new moon be a time for reflection about what work needs to get done in order for your dreams to come true!


March 13: New Moon in Pisces

The Pisces new moon this month is perfect for you as the energy helps promote growth, healing and peace. If that’s not enough to entice you then I don’t know what will!


April 11: New Moon in Aries

It’s time that we all take a look at our lives. Aries new moon just came and it might be the perfect opportunity to make some changes for you or your family! If you’re looking to do something different, this is the chance of taking break from work or spending more quality time with loved ones – because these things will always come back when change comes around.


May 11: New Moon in Taurus

It’s time to celebrate with friends during Taurus’ new moon! Host a small dinner party and have some fun. The holidays are just around the corner, so now is your last chance for an intimate gathering before it gets too busy. This energy will be relaxing in contrast to all of the ramped-up preparation you’ll do over these next few weeks- indulge while you still can!


June 10: New Moon in Gemini (Lunar Eclipse)

If you are born under Gemini New Moon, be careful how you use words to impact other people during an eclipse. Especially if the eclipse is in your sign or house!


July 9: New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time to get super personal with your goals! You may want to honor that deep-seated feeling of security you feel when at home, while also embracing change outside those walls.


August 8: New Moon in Leo

The new moon in Leo is a time of renewal, so maybe you’ll think about your power and how it feels in different places.


September 6: New Moon in Virgo

If you didn’t achieve your goals, then the new moon in Virgo is an excellent opportunity to assess what needs changing or adapting in order to meet them next year!


October 6: New Moon in Libra

The Libra new moon is a time to balance out your life. The month of October leading up to November will be perfect for you, as this sign rules both work and relationships!


November 4: New Moon in Scorpio

The November Scorpio new moon is a time for all of us to get together, celebrate the season, and enjoy each other’s company.


December 4: New Moon in Sagittarius (Solar Eclipse)

The Sagittarius new moon of 2021 is going to be an exciting one! The next full moon eclipse will make people with placements in Sagittarius have a difficult emotional period throughout the time.


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