Virgo and Scorpio in a relationship or love match is quite a harmonious relationship. Both signs enjoy setting goals and are extremely determined people. Virgo and Scorpio are loyal partners who will enjoy a deep and intense relationship together. Although Scorpio is more outgoing than Virgo, both prefer the company of each other rather than the crowds. Both of these signs love helping others including family , friends and even doing projects that better the community and world at large. Scorpio helps Virgo come out of their shell and become less shy and Virgo teaches Scorpio how to be more practical. Scorpio needs to be careful not to be too stubborn and Virgo needs to make sure that they are not being too judgemental . This couple is likely to succeed and create a harmonious relationship if they take the time to consider the others needs and communicate with them often. The great thing about a Virgo and Scorpio relationship is that these two would rather work through their issues and try their best to avoid conflict.

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