Libra and Scorpio together in a relationship or love match can be quite an emotional an intense union. When these two come together they can create quite a powerful union and also get a lot accomplished together. They both strive to achieve in life and together they are winners. They can accomplish a great deal in both love affairs and in projects for business and the world at large. This relationship never gets old because both signs are quite charming and also enjoy charming the pants of their partner. Scorpio can be quite deep and sometimes over emotional yet both signs strive to keep each other happy and stay away from arguments. Their partnership works best when Libra uses their innate intellect and Scorpios emotions to create and indulge in romance and accomplish in life together. This really is a great match as long as both partners strive to bring out the best in each other and as long as Scorpio is not so over emotional and Libra so wishy washy.

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