Libra and Sagittarius is quite a harmonious union. Both signs share a very special connection to one another and also a deep understanding. They are emotionally alike and both enjoy learning and cultivating new things in their life. These two intelligent signs are often searching for meaning and new experiences in life and both partners always strive to keep things exciting. Libra can sometimes seem a bit too emotionally controlling of Sagittarius and they need to be wary of this. Libra is also quite dimplomatic by nature , together with the fact that both signs are extremely forgiving so the relationship remains harmonious most of the time. Because of their natural and effortless understanding of one another Libra and Sagittarius make great friends as well as lovers. Sagittarius loves Libra's keen eye for beauty and art, which adds a stimulating and very fulfulling side to their life. It is important that Sagittarius have a level of freedom and independence within the relationship, yet together these two have some amazing experiences together in life.

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