Libra and Capricorn compatibility at first, appears to be quite different, however if they are willing to spend the time to get to know one another they do in fact make a good couple and do have similarities. Each person brings their own unique qualities to the relationship and they can learn a lot of from each other. It is extremely important that each sign let the other maintain their individual personality and way of doing things otherwise there could be problems that may arise within the partnership. Libra is a quite a social character, wheras Capricorn is more withdrawn and quiet. Capricorn is more more focused on getting their work done and getting recognition in their work and career life, whereas Libra is all about visiting lot's of people, enjoying beauty , art and creating a comfortable life. Both signs operate differently when problem solving. Libra likes to rely on their intellect and Capricorn likese to use a more pragmatic approach. Both Libra and Capricorn can work well together as a team if they are willing to overcome their differences of opinion and make a point to work together as a team and work hard at maintaining each others point of view.

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