When Gemini and Scorpio come together in a relationship and can learn to understand each others difference,s they can end up with a virtually unbreakable union. Gemini is extremely communicative and outgoing whereas Scorpio can often be quite secretive and intense. Gemini prefers to keep things light and may often be put off by Scorpio's deep emotional needs and intensitiy. Scorpio is extremely loyal and committed when in a relationship and like to know that their partner feels the same way or is also in it for the long haul. Once they feel confident in this, they lighten up a little and are more passionate and outgoing in a healthier way. It is never dull between these two signs as both love adventure and their relationship can be extremely passionate. Arguments may also erupt under this intensity and it is important for both to reconcile quickly if they want the relationship to last. When both partners are committed their relationship goes from strength to stength and can end up being an extremely satisying long term relationship full of passion and love.

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