Gemini and Capricorn compatibility is quite the opposite in the way that they view the world. It is extremely important for both signs to respect the others viewpoint if they wish to get along in a long term relationship. Gemini doesn't like to be conventional and is always moving in new directions. They rely on their quick wit to get ahead in life and need a lot of freedom to think outside the box. Capricorn however prefers to follow the rules and use traditional methods to be successful and get ahead in life. Capricorn is quite reserved and quiet ,whereas Gemini is quite outgoing. Gemini prefers shortcuts, however Capricorn prefers to take the safer roads to where they want to go. Gemini and capricorn can both bring something to the others life though. Gemini can help Capricorn become more free in their thinking and fluid in life and Capricorn can teach Gemini about creating stability and having some practicality in life. This can be quite a challenging relationship and will only work if each partner is open and receptive to the others point of view, rather than critiquing them.

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