Aries and Pisces can be quite good for each other in a relationship. Aries can sometimes be quite selfish or self absorbed and they must be aware that Pisces is quite intuitive in both life and in the relationship. Pisces is quite sensitive and Aries is quite impulsive, so at first glance it may seem that these two are quite differenct and make an unlikely pair. When Aries finds a Pisces to be attractive however, they usually dive right on in to a relationship without giving it a second thought. Both Aries and Pisces can be quite protective of those they are in a relationship with and once there is love between the two, they truly can give each other exactly what the other needs. Together these two signs are a dynamic duo, as long as they consider each others differences and absorb and learn from each other. Pisces needs to learn not to be so sensitive and Aries needs to learn to make sure that the relatinship is consistently about both partners , not just their own needs.

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