Aries and Libra are quite the opposite on the zodiac spectrum, however each one has aspects that the other one lacks. For example, Libra enjoys great harmony and balance in life, whereas Aries is quite impulsive and spontaneous. Libra as a partner to aries, can help bring them much needed balance to their life. Aries is quite excitable and adventurous and therefore can bring some much needed fun to the life of Libra. These two signs together, share great intimate or sexual chemistry and each are charming in their own way. This keeps the relationship flourishing , however each sign is extremely good at starting something, yet not so good at following through. Libra may also have to give up some control to Aries to avoid arguments in the long run. If Libra is willing to let Aries be the leader in the relationship, there can be great peace, as well as long term excitement in this very interesting relationship.

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