21 Simple Tips To Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui is a simple yet effective way to create a positive space in your home. Although Feng Shui is an Ancient art form is believed to be powerful enough to transform and revitalize your home, it can be so so as effectively and easily as moving things around in your home. There are many different levels to Feng Shui, yet the overall idea is that your living space reflects all areas of your life and and the emphasis is to create a harmonious and healthy balance.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that all objects possess an energy called Chi and by effectively using it you can bring luck, wealth, success and opportunity into your home.We have compiled a list of 21 simple and easy tips you can use to Feng Shui your home today! Ready?

1. Clear your clutter

Think of this as a spring cleaning, that will also be like therapy.Going through your house or apt with a fine tooth comb and clearing out any paperwork, clothes, or items you know longer need, is essentially the first step toward harmony in your Feng Shui process. Doing this will allow your space to be clean, lighten your loud and create the basis for positive energy to be invited into your life, which you learn more in the following steps.

2. Allow air and light into your space

In the Feng Shui process, it is very important to allow as much light and air as possible into your space, as these elements allow for good energy.Open up your windows as often as possible, as well as keeping curtains open as well. If natural night is not possible, consider using full spectrum lights and consider air purifying plants into your home.

3. Open the Front Door

It is believed that opening the door, allows a flow of energy and invites a pathway of positive energy to come in, whereas if the door is closed off then the energy will likely become stagnate, as it has nowhere to go. Try keeping the front door open as open as possible, even for periods at a time, with a door stopper. Place either red flowers, or some kind of red accent around your door and it is also said to bring further luck, as red is the color for good energy and fortune.

4. Understand the basics of the 5 Feng Shui elements

There are five basic elements to Feng Shui and the idea is that these elements help assist in the creation of balance and good energy throughout your home. These elements include Wood, Fire, Earth,Metal and Water. Each element is identified by different colors including the following :

Wood:  Brown, Green

Earth : Light Yellow, Light Brown, Sandy/ Earth Color

Metal: Gray, White

Water: Blue, Black

Fire: Orange,Purple,Pink, Strong Yellow,Red,

If for example, you would like to improve your health, you would place wood items around your house in the east area of your home. If you were looking to attract more prosperity or wealth, you would look at adding both Wood and Water in the Southeast area of your home.

5. Be mindful of the energy in your home

As the basis of Feng Shui relies on the state of energy in your home, it’s important to always be mindful of the state of energy that is going on inside your home. By staying mindful and aware, you are consciously making a choice to choose positive energy within your home, which would assist with your overall health and happiness.

6. Bring nature inside

Research shows that when people are with nature, their anger and stress dissipates and they experience feelings of happiness and pleasure. Of course it is wonderful to be out in nature itself, however when you are not able to hike in the Forrest or mountains, there are ways that you can bring the look and feel of nature to you. Hanging paintings with picturesque waterfalls, forests or mountain plains are one way, as is including wood, bamboo and stone features too. Stuck for ideas, head on over to Pinterest and find some amazing ideas to create serenity in your home today.

7. Use Mirrors Correctly

It’s said that mirrors reflect intense energy and can increase energy flow immensely, wherever they are placed. When one is placing a mirror or mirrors in a room in the house, its important to consider exactly what will the mirror be reflecting. Ie, if the mirror was placed in a kitchen and reflected a trash can, it would be reflecting and creating low or negative energy. Mirrors should be placed where they can reflect things such as flowers, plants, places of good lighting to accentuate it and open space.

8. Make your bedroom a place of peace

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is one of the most important places, its where we sleep, rejuvenate and restore our bodies, ultimately seek to create balance in our lives.Just like with other rooms in the house, its important to keep the bedroom and particularly under the bed clutter free. This means that all shoes, books, clothes and various clutter, should be stored in inside your closet or elsewhere.

9. Place family photos

As the bedroom is the place where rest and rejuvenation occur, Feng Shui also states that no ” family photos” should be placed here.The reason being is that photos can be a distraction Focusing on the kids pics, pics of your parents or whoever can cause you to focus your energies on the obligations you have in your daily life. Photos are better placed in other parts of the house including family rooms, or even the dining room.

10. Buy a plant or many

As previously mentioned, plants are a big part of Feng Shui and draw energy or chi  to them. There are multiple places where plants can be placed around the house, including the family home to promote life and connection with others, or the kitchen to create balance. ( If placing in the kitchen , place the plant between the hot and cold appliance to create more

11. Make the space outside your front door appealing

As people approach your home, the outside area and space near your front door is the first impression they see. Keep the energy there inviting and appealing by making sure that you replace lights and bulbs that are not working there and keep the place as clutter free as possible. Make sure to clean surfaces down regularly and don’t forget to sweep!

12. Make the path to your house colorful and fragrant

Having a clutter free yet colorful pathway or porch to your home, is a great way to both send out and invite positive vibrant energy into both your home and your world. Adding colorful pots is a great way to create this, as is adding various plants and flowers to infuse wonderful fragrance into these areas.

13. Hang Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes, not only sounds beautiful as they sway gently in the breeze, as the chimes sing, they also draw energy to the space you have placed them , allowing you to create good opportunities in your life.

14. Maintain an address that is clear and visible

Your home is where you live and you should make your address both visible and appealing. Make sure people can see the mailbox clearly, or the numbers to your street address. Refresh them if needs be, so people can clearly find you. Be sure to trim your hedges and even spruce up the front fence with a paint job if needs be. The idea is that you are not only making your home appealing to others, you are also inviting in and harnessing positive energy.

15. Use your front door

As simple as this sounds, many of us have multiple entryways and doors that lead into our homes. In Feng Shui, it’s emphasized that the front door is the most powerful place to invite positive energy in and also to maintain it. Just as you are inviting this energy into your space, walk through this door as often  and be part of the boundless energy you are creating in your life.

16. Fix squeaks in your home

Does your front door squeak or sound like it’s moaning when you open it? As the previous points all mention, the front is is the entryway to both you, your guests and also the positive energy you are welcoming into your home. A squeaky or noisy door may not only be irritating, it can also affect your mood too. Being that with Feng Shui, the emphasis is on creating and maintaining balance and harmony, its important to make sure that you take care of squeaks and noise that may affect these too.

17. Place a Feng Shui fountain

In Feng Shui, water represents wealth and therefore placing a water foundation within your home, is a wonderful place to take advantage of the water element (and too invite the prosperity into your home). It’s recommend to place a fountain near the entry way or front door, either inside or outside of the home. Doing so will allow the water to flow in such a way, that it will represent the energy and opportunity that will flow into your life.

18. Keep the bathroom door closed!

The bathroom plays a huge part, when creating balance through Feng Shui in your home. he idea is that water goes out here and as previously mentioned, the water element represents wealth, prosperity and opportunity. Therefore, it is recommended to keep both the toilet seat down and the bathroom door closer, to eliminate this energy from escaping.

19. Where is your bed positioned?

In Feng Shui, the bed is one of the most important features within your home, as its where you sleep, rest and rejuvenate. It’s important to place your bed in what’s known as the ” commanding position”, which requires that you want to be facing the door ( yet not directly in line with the door) whilst lying in bed. Adding a mirror in your room and lining it up in such a way that you can see it from the bed and it reflects the door, will help too!

20. Clean all the windows in your home

Cleaning the windows of your home, doesn’t have to be saved for spring cleaning. Making a conscious effort to make sure your windows aren’t dirty, allow you to see clearly and represent the windows to the world. Having freshly cleaned windows, allows you to see clearly and to brighten your space.

21. Do a space clearing

Finally, it’s important to go through your house and do a space clearing. Doing this allows you to rid the old energy and clear it in preparation for the new. Allowing new energy or chi into your space, allows you to replace negativity with positivity and also invite prosperity into your home. You can do this by creating a mix of white sage oil and natural orange essential oil with water. The smell will also help your mood too!

Feng Shui is just one part of your life where balance can be sought. Looking for advice in other areas of your life? Try our daily free horoscope, free tarot readings online love, or even one of our affordable psychic chat rooms today











































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