The Power of Colored Candles

Candles have been used for hundreds of years in rituals and festivals to represent a range of different meanings and associations. As a Tarot Card Reader, candles are very much a part of my everyday life. I use candles for a number of reasons – to set the mood and to create atmosphere, as an aid to concentration and relaxation, to relieve tension and to assist in divination, just to name a few!

Like an everlasting candle my love burns brightly for you
Sweet as honeysuckle and pure as driven snow
I worship at your shrine
Waiting for your kiss to set my soul on fire
To wake me from my slumber
and live again my heart’s desire ©
(Isabella du Lac – 2014)

Candles work on more than one level, they are a visual aid through their colour, light and flicker, and they are olfactory, as they come in many different smells and combination of smells. When you combine the lighting of a candle with visualization and affirmation you create a magical tool which can have a powerful affect. Lighting a candle for world peace, or in memory of a loved one who has departed this world, has great significance and impact on our psyche.

The colour of the candle you choose to light, also has significance, and you should choose a colour that accurately represents your purpose:-

  • Blue: This is primarily a spiritual colour and is associated with the obtaining of wisdom, as well as finding inner peace, creating harmony and peace and in seeking truth and guidance. Blue is said to have healing powers and the ability to mesmerize, aids in perception.
  • Light Blue: Used to create an aura of peace and tranquility. Patience is also associated with light blue as is calmness, serenity, harmony, compassion, love and friendship and clarity and justice.
  • Dark Blue: (Royal Blue) Denotes loyalty, promotes awareness of self, wisdom and depth of feeling. Joy, light headedness and happiness. Assists in sleep routines and promotes dreams.
  • Purple: Power, success, desires. As an aid in meditation and awakening psychic and spiritual ability. To assist in the development of healing powers. To create an air of majesty and depth.
  • Black: The deepest and most often maligned colour. Black is associated with rituals and secrecy, deep and meaningful situations, meditation and protection from negativity. Black is also used to keep evil at bay and open the mind.
  • Green: The colour of money is often associated with success, fertility, and prosperity. Emotions, instincts, love and happiness are attributes of this colour. Burn green candles to feel close to nature and its healing powers and to increase your luck through rejuvenation.
  • Dark Green: Represents resentment, ambition, greed, selfishness, and jealousy. Dark Green candles are used in rituals and ceremonies to counteract the above emotions.
  • Yellow: Yellow is a very esoteric colour and is often associated with attraction, persuasion, transformation and charm, as well as confidence. Yellow candles may be used to assist in overcoming mental blocks and as an aid to concentration. Yellow candles are found in spiritual ceremonies to help with divination and maintain clarity.
  • Red: Is a very dynamic colour and represents passion, energy, respect, strength in opposition and will power. This colour is associated with the physical world of pleasure, fertility, love, lust, desire, and of course great courage. Red candles may be burned immediately after surgery to aid the healing process.
  • Orange: Is associated with energy, mental abilities, stamina communication, travel, protection and enlightenment. Orange candles are often burned to alleviate the effect of negative attitudes, to cleanse a situation or place.
  • Brown: This is a down-to-earth colour and aids concentration and absorption of details. Brown candles may be burned to assist when studying and attempting psychic attainment/telepathy. Harmony and balance may be increased in rituals and ceremonies also. Due to the earthy nature of the colour brown candles are used for protection of the home.
  • White: Although brown candles may be burned for protection, burning a white candle is the best way to protect, purify and start the healing process. This colour represents truth, peace and unity. A white candle may be used in place of any other candle in rituals and ceremonies.

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