Using A Full Moon Tarot Spread In Your Rituals

A full moon tarot spread is something a lot of people will use to add to their rituals during a full moon.

Have trouble sleeping during a full moon? Are your dreams more vivid when there is a full moon?

The full moon is a powerful time for connecting with yourself, raising your vibration and taking in positive energy.

We have put together this piece to help you understand how you can use a full moon tarot spread to really maximise your rituals and enhance your life.

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What is a full moon tarot spread?

A full moon tarot spread is designed to help you connect your spirit to the full moon. If you are a believer in the energy that a full moon brings, tarot cards will help you ask yourself questions to add to your full moon ritual.

How does a full moon help when reading tarot…

  • The intense light of a full moon can bring illumination to your life
  • A full moon can help you let you and bring full circle anything you are holding on to.
  • It can help raise your overall vibration
  • It provides you with perspective on your current circumstances

A tarot spread will enable you to ask the questions that you want to find the answers out for during a full moon. There are different rituals and types of tarot readings you can consider in order to channel the energy in the right way.

What Rituals Are Connected To A Full Moon?

Rituals as a concept are habits that are carried out with intent and purpose.

If you have ever been with a tarot card reader, then you will be aware of how they use rituals. This is to present the tarot reading depending on the cards that get revealed.

So when we talk about full moon rituals, this is a sequence of things that people can do to help connect them to the energy that can be gained from a full moon.

Some 0f the specific rituals that you may use during a full moon tarot spread can vary and it really depends on what is comfortable for you.

Clear your mental and physical state

One ritual that you can implement into y0ur full moon card reading is to clear your mental and physical space/state. You can achieve this by doing something you enjoy or doing something active that will help clear out any mental clutter.

Learn to meditate

Another popular full moon ritual that a lot of people will use is meditation. Meditation is a long-serving habit that many people use in their general life. This is a great way to clear your mind and quiet your thoughts. This will allow you to fully absorb the energies of the full moon as well as the tarot spreads.

Let go of emotional baggage

Being able to let go of any tension or build-up to really be able to get the most from your ritual. If you have any kind of emotional baggage that you are holding on to, then it is important that you try to eliminate this as best as you can.

Unwind and prepare mentally

You want to mentally prepare for your tarot card reading and be sure that you are in the right frame of mind to do so. Keeping positive and really getting in your mental flow will be a longer serving ritual that will help you get the most out of what you want to do.

Types of Tarot Cards in a Full Moon Spread

When it comes to a full moon tarot spread, a tarot reader will generally recommend using 5 cards. These are not rigid guidelines that you must follow but this is generally what you can do to prepare yourself for the full moon. Regarding the 5 card spread, here is an example of what you can expect.

5-Card Full Moon Tarot Spread

What The Cards Reveal

  1. What have you created and manifested since the new moon? – How is your life turning? Is your life moving positively?
  2. Where are you in life? – Are you where you want to be in life? Are you creating the life you want to live?
  3. What is coming into your thoughts regularly? – Are your thoughts strictly positive? Are any negative thoughts weighing you down?
  4. How can you begin to let go of negativity? – What steps are you taking to make your life a more positive one?
  5. How else can you live your life more abundantly? – How have you planned for your future self? Are you living a life of abundance?
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How Can You Use A Full Moon Tarot Spread To Your Advantage?

When you are able to use the tarot cards to ask the questions that you need to prepare yourself, then you can really get the most out of your inner self.

The tarot cards will help put you in the right frame of mind to take in what the full moon offers. Tarot spreads in astrology work very well and they allow for you to let go of any thoughts you may be holding on to without even realising.

It is crucial to free your mind in order to create the best experience for yourself.

Get A Free Full Moon Tarot Reading

A tarot readers job is to give you the answers that you may not be able to necessarily find yourself. For people wanting to build a full moon ritual, contacting a professional tarot card reader is one way that people do so.

At FreeAstrology123, we work with some of the best tarot readers that are out there. They can give you a free card spreads session and really help you understand the meaning behind your life and energy.

Find out which parts of your inner self you are looking to let go of and let our tarot readers do the rest. It is so important that if you are looking to add this as part of your full moon ritual, that you get into a positive habit and create a good experience for yourself.

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