Taylor Swift Tarot Reading

Multi-award winning singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, ( who’s latest album titled 1989, is already a raging success) was the youngest ever songwriter to be hired by Sony/ATV. She has also been known to hang out with the Kennedys. What is next on the cards for the ‘Fearless’ singer?

The first card I picked for Taylor was the Seven of Rods, and this implies I was not just punning when I called her ‘fearless’. There is a likelihood of conflict for Taylor in the near future when some over-ambitious soul will try and browbeat her – they don’t stand a chance. When Taylor feels strongly about something she is more than willing to make a stand: when she feels truly committed she is nothing short of obstinate. Not only is Taylor emotionally willing to stand her ground, she is in the fortunate position of being in a strong position generally too. Still, expounding all this energy on something is only useful if the outcome is worth it. Taylor needs to check she isn’t sweating over the small stuff: once she is sure of that she’ll be unbeatable.

The next card refers to Taylor’s relationships. In this case I pulled Judgement from the pack. This points to an important, though not necessarily easy, relationship in Taylor’s life which does not appear to be romantic in nature – at least not yet. This implies one of her relationships has a karmic feel to it and will shape her potential expectations. She needs to be careful, since as infuriating as interacting with this person may be from time to time, how she treats them will set the seeds for how she will be treated in the future.

The most impressive aspects of Taylor’s reading are her attitudes to cash and career. She seems to have a really wise head on her shoulders. The finance sector of her layout is represented by the King of Pentacles, who is always a welcome visitor in any part of a reading dealing with dosh. The King of Pentacles represents a person who is good at dealing with material matters. They have a good, classical, sense of taste and will value well-made, quality objects which they don’t mind paying for. Equally, they are also good at finding the best investment opportunities and saving for a rainy day. They also see their earnings as a practical and objective way of estimating their success.

The card which represents her career was the Four of Cups. Taylor has been buoyed by her success and has enjoyed the trimmings that go with it, but she understands the party needs to end and that there are times when hard work is the order of the day. I get a strong impression that she realises that to reach her fullest potential she needs time away from the hustle and bustle of show biz.

The Star in the part of the reading relating to health suggests that Taylor is blessed with a strong constitution. Much of this is down to her own mental attitude, as I have already said, she knows when to take a break, but she is also a natural optimist who has the gifts of insight and self-belief. Nothing, it seems, will get her down mentally or physically for too long.

I picked two cards which were joined together for the travel aspect of Taylor’s reading. Tarot readers tend to believe this happens for a reason, and so it is usual to read both cards in relation to one another. In Taylor’s case the two cards which turned up were The Tower and The Page of Swords, neither of which are the most welcome cards in the pack. The Tower points to a sudden, unwanted and dramatic change, whereas The Page of Swords implies challenges. It could be that Taylor will find herself forced to make a journey which is necessitated by some shocking news. Alternatively, and I think this is more likely, a proposed trip will be fraught with unforeseeable problems and gremlins. Unfortunately for Taylor, the unexpected nature of these issues will make it impossible for her to avoid them, but she can mitigate their impact with some lateral thinking.

Taylor’s reading shows her to be practical as well as artistic. She is capable of dealing with the pragmatic side of life, particularly in relation to money. This year, a relationship will teach her a great deal, although it won’t necessarily be smooth sailing. Finally, talking of transport, a journey will be complicated by unexpected events; fortunately, Taylor’s pragmatism and common sense can pull her through.

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