Taurus Astrological Sign

Period: April 20- May 20
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Bull
Taurus Lucky Day : Friday, Monday
Taurus Lucky Numbers :  6, 15, 24, 10, 19, 35
Taurus Lucky Color:  Green, Pink
Taurus Lucky Birthstone :  Emerald

About the Taurus Astrological Sign

The Chaldeans, Ancient Egyptians and the Greeks are all associated with the mythology of the bull-king, and much bull symbolism is found in these ancient cultures. The Taurus astrological sign glyph denotes the round face and upwardly curving horns of the bull – a magnificent animal that is hard, if not impossible, to budge; possessive about its space; dangerous when roused; but can be lazy, slow moving, and sensual. Taureans can be very concerned with material security, and acquiring wealth – becoming possessive about possessions and cautious about change.

Enjoy 2016 best horoscope/star signs for Taurus horoscope today, Taurus weekly horoscope and Taurus monthly horoscope. Courtesy of our wonderful Astrologer Patrick Arundell and Freeastrology123.

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