How Psychics Use Tarot Cards To Guide Their Readings

Psychics and tarot cards, they go together like strawberries and cream. Why? When you think about it, it hardly makes sense, psychics have probably been around since the first human decided that there was such a thing as ‘later’, tarot cards on the other hand, at least in their present form, only go back to the mid-15th century.

To get to the bottom of this mystery we need to get to the root of what a psychic actually is. If you were to do a survey among the general public of what ‘psychic’ means to them they’d probably come up with the image of a woman draped in scarves and dripping with bangles gazing with kohled eyes into a crystal ball (yes, I know there are some very gifted male psychics, but we are talking about popular opinion here which is not quite the same as reality).

The truth is somewhat different. A psychic is a person who can access information without using the usual five senses of sight, touch, taste or smell. Such a person appears to use other abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience or mediumship to gain knowledge, how they use this knowledge also varies.

For example, a psychic may investigate crimes, remove unwanted energies or work as a medium; as a medium once explained to me all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

The general opinion amongst occultists is that almost everyone is psychic: just as most people can walk. This does not mean however, everyone is as psychic as everyone else. Think of it like this: most people can walk; some can walk quite quickly or for long distances and then there is Usain Bolt – the difference is a combination of natural talent, lots of hard work and practice.

Now, Mr Bolt doesn’t just grab any pair of shoes and go for a run, his running shoes are special, they are designed help him to reach the pinnacle of his abilities, and tarot cards are a bit like this.

On their own they are attractive pictures, in the hands of someone who is psychic but not used to using them, they are attractive pictures that might be useful on occasion, used by a psychic who is used to using them and is willing to practice to develop their skills, they are a great tool for helping the subject to improve their self-development.

Now, as we have seen almost everyone has some psychic ability, for some folk this may only really be noticeable very intermittently, for example the person who never having shown any psychic gifts before refuses to get into the car only to find out the brakes have frayed.

Others might have moments of psychic clarity more regularly, knowing who is calling before picking up the ringing phone. Equally, it is possible that someone is so psychically ‘open’ that they are bombarded with information and struggle to sort the psychic wood from the trees. Imagine being on a crowded bus and being blasted with the emotions of all the people on it, it’s enough to give you a headache. The problem with these situations is that the ‘psychic’ has no control over when and where they happen.

No psychic seems able to perform perfectly 100% of the time (much to the amusement of the scientific community) but they can improve and control their skills with practice and certain tools, which is where tarot cards come in.

The idea is that by using certain rituals the psychic can alter their consciousness in such a way that they can tune in to the issue at hand without picking up on everything around them.

In the case of a tarot reader this might involve lighting candles, or something as simple as taking a few quiet moments to still their mind before the reading, even shuffling the cards and considering the question at hand can be enough to create that special state of mind.

Then, gazing at the images on the cards will free their intuition giving them a story which they can impart to the subject of the reading. This is why diligently learning the meaning of the cards can be counterproductive; relying on remembered card meanings can stifle the creative process in which insight thrives.

In theory, a psychic can use anything to hone their skills from the flight of birds to the patterns they see in a fire, but tarot cards are more practical, designed for the job and don’t risk burning your home down in the process.

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