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I’m your one stop for every answer that you need and some that you didn’t know you needed. I will guide you through every hill and valley of life, love and everything else that you are going through. We all have questions that grind and wear on us. Let me provide every answer so that you can be at peace, be happy and in balance again. I am a psychic unlike any other. Are they going to call? What do they feel? Just what are they thinking?  What are their intentions for you and the future? What is going to happen next? These and other questions can sometimes take a toll on us. Get the answers that you seek from someone who will be honest, direct and to the point. No fluff, just the truth. Hopeful and caring. All are welcome.


I have a lifetime of reading experience, learning, teaching and guiding and bringing people to the light of the world through metaphysics, holistic practices, and a none judgemental approach. I have degrees in Metaphysics and many other fields. Through my spiritually and my direct connection to the True light of the Divine I am able to help you with any issue.

I’ve spent my life learning, growing, studying and meditating on the ultimate truths of love, life, and wisdom. I specialize in bringing you from darkness to the light! I get what it is to be there, to be lost in the depth of death itself. I know the way back. Let me guide you from desperation and hopefulness to the joy that can only be felt by once again having hope


I have walked the world and step by step in the lives of thousands of people over the course of my career. It’s given me insights and exposed me to perceptions that have changed me. Every encounter has added value to my readings, to my view of life and the reward has been a stronger connection to the Divine source that lives in all of us. My chronological experience covers 30 years doing what I love.  I’ve come to see that each and every one us has a different set of challenges that we face in different parts of our lives. What may trouble one soul to the point of distraction may not even register on someone else’s  radar as being a problem. I’ve been blessed with empathy for every situation that you can imagine and then some. There is no problem that is too small or too great to tackle. Even if you feel like your world is coming to an end and no one out there understands, I do. Not only do I understand, I’ll shine a light on that situation to make visible what was once invisible. I’ll point that same light in the direction of the darkest part of your troubles and reveal the beauty in the ashes that have been left behind in your life. There is hope, there is peace and there is always a way forward. My job is to reveal that to you. I have been given a great deal of gifts. I’ve not only gladly received them but I’ve also worked on them, through trial, error, and logging in every day, listen, observing and receiving guidance that I in turn relay to you as no one else ever has. I am here for you.

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