Pisces Solar Eclipse 2015

Water, dissolving, 29º and 2 minutes 46 seconds duration, may read like the results of some scientific experiment or magical illusion. However, there is no white lab coat or bound straight-jacket necessary, as on the 20th March, it is no Houdini making his great escape, but the Sun, in the form of a Total Pisces Solar Eclipse.

So you may not see a flame thrower or Bunsen burner in sight, but neither will you find the burning Sun either. As the hypothesis is that on this date conditions are right for the first Solar Eclipse of 2015 to occur, an event which usually takes place twice yearly.

The result of which sees the light of the Sun appear to temporarily disappear, as like an unwanted admirer, the Moon comes directly between the Sun and Earth separating this double-act, as they all align.

Therefore, at this time the Sun seems to take a bow from this line up. However, bin those binoculars and swap microscope for telescope, to reach the conclusion that the Sun is still there; but at this time the New Moon is hogging the limelight!

It seems in a big way this March 20th, as this Total Solar Eclipse is significant, being the last visible from Europe until August 12th 2026, while its influence is considerable too. As like a New Moon, a Solar Eclipse is the precursor of change and new beginnings.

However, when a New Moon finds itself accompanied by a Solar Eclipse, expect the transformation to be even more monumental and enduring, especially for those whose Natal Chart and progressions are in close aspect.

So the fact that this Solar Eclipse falls in Watery Pisces viewed as the last in the Zodiac cycle of Signs and at the last degree of 29, is of great importance. For it suggests this Solar Eclipse is as much about endings as beginnings, a new cycle born from past cycles, like the never-ending circle.

Perhaps, this being symbolized in the two fish which form the Sign of Pisces, swimming in opposite directions and also demonstrating how like each Zodiac Sign, Pisces encompasses both positive and negative traits.

However, utilized positively the Sign of Pisces can provide the path to true evolution and enlightenment, having conquered all previous 11 Zodiac Signs. Therefore, it makes sense that Pisces is now considered to be chiefly ruled by the Planet Neptune, governing universal love, regarded as a higher vibration of Venus, the Planet of love.

With this in mind then, it seems March 20th’s Solar Eclipse provides an opportunity to literally get in tune with Neptune. Hence, moving away from an individual to a collective way of thinking, as boundaries and differences are dissolved.

On a practical level, this allows the situation of those vulnerable, suffering and in need to be addressed, as great empathy is evoked. While, on a creative level, Neptune can physically inspire individuals to tune up instruments and make music or generate outpourings through another artistic outlet, reaching into the deepest recesses of their imagination.

This taken to another plane can take on a spiritual aspect and those wishing to develop in this area will find their psychic abilities or meditative states are heightened. For this Eclipse brings a real sense of turning dreams into reality, allowing the prospect of transforming failure to fortune and in general imparts a strong feeling of intuition.

However, not everyone trusts their intuition, especially when Neptune is in town. As this Planet of illusion makes it hard to know who to trust, even playing tricks on you, causing self-deception. This is true of March’s Solar Eclipse, as the Planet of Smoke and mirrors dominates, its effects reflected back by March’s planetary movements, creating a distorted Hall of Mirrors.

As Neptune still resides in Pisces joined by trickster Mercury, but cracks appear from a jarring Saturn in Sagittarius. So personally there can be difficulty in dealing with the everyday, from using avoidance and confinement to mental health issues, phobias, substance addiction and dependency.

These areas can also cause concern on a wider scale too, from treatment in health institutions and prisons to poisoning, medicating or anesthetic incidents.

While with Neptune meeting Jupiter, as it jointly rules both Pisces and Sagittarius, difficulties with foreign bodies, substances and liquids in its many forms may arise, from assassination or suicide attempts to spills; whether chemicals, gas, oil or sea floods and those effected who sail on them.

Furthermore, expect a clouding of weather, mind and situations, with fog incidents, embezzling and treason or deception possible. So with March’s Eclipse, it is not a case of ‘seeing is, but more accurately not seeing is believing!’

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