Overcome Your Money Blocks With Denise Duffield- Thomas

We are excited to chat with money mindset mentor Denise Duffield- Thomas.Denise has been helping women from around the world, overcome their money blocks to create wealth and happiness in their lives. We sat down with Denise to find out what inspired her to become a female entrepreneur, what setbacks and triumphs she has had along the way and what advice does she have for you!


1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

When I was about nine, I had this overwhelming need to CREATE. I made bracelets, I collected horse poo to sell, and I badgered my friends to start our own kids club. I just enjoyed making something out of nothing. My mum encouraged with me unusual presents, like a paper making kit, and an electric typewriter.

Later in my twenties, I realised that entrepreneurship was a ticket to freedom – from a job, from other people’s expectations, from the corporate world’s glass ceiling.

Now, I realise that entrepreneurship is an amazing way to impact other people’s lives and I’m hugely passionate about women taking control of their own destiny through business.

2. Before starting your business, did you previously have a resistance or fear around money?

None of my earliest entrepreneurial ventures made money because it never occurred to me to ask for any! I sold bracelets for break even profit, I collected the horse poo and never bothered selling any, I was just in business for the pure pleasure of it!

Later, as an adult, I realised that I had conflicting thoughts about money. On one hand, I needed it to create a nice lifestyle – but on the other, I felt almost guilty for making money doing something I loved.

A lot of women have these mixed feelings. We want our businesses to be successful, but we often have underlying beliefs like, “I just want to help people, making money isn’t important to me”.

Many of us are sending mixed messages like this out to the Universe.

3. What has been your greatest struggle so far as a woman in business?

Like a lot of women, I didn’t have a lot of financially successful women in my life to look up to.

Everything in my business felt confronting. I had to set my own prices, actually ASK for the sale, deal with refund requests and default payments. Almost every interaction with money triggered the part of me that wants to be liked and accepted.

We’re largely the first generation of women to make money on the internet, so we’re forging new ground. Is there any wonder that we feel blocked and triggered around money?

4. What has been your biggest success or personal accomplishment to date?

Every milestone has been celebrated. My first month when I made $225 felt like a million bucks!

Writing my book “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” and getting daily feedback from new women around the world feels incredible. Every entrepreneur should write a book, it’s really rewarding.

I’m also proud that I doubled my income last year when I had my first baby. It was the year I stepped into my role as CEO – not “Chief Everything Officer”. I got really clear on my zone of genius and allowed myself to delegate or delete everything else.

5. What piece of advice would you like to offer our wonderful followers?

It’s okay to have mixed feeling around money, most people have money blocks – even successful ones!

Money is just a tool and it’s okay to receive money for the good you put out into the world. Releasing your money blocks is integral work for female entrepreneurs and is the first step on creating your First Class life.

It’s YOUR time and you’re ready for the next step.

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