Your Self-imposed Limitations: How You Can Overcome Them and Achieve More

These days, everywhere we look we see messages such as “everything is possible,” “you can do it,” “nothing is impossible,” etc. Our social media feeds are inundated with images and stories of such successes from the next town over as well as all the way from the poorest corners of the third world. Looking at such stories, one after the other, sometimes doesn’t make us feel great – because here we are, at the same place as last year and the year before, or even with the decade before, leading the same type of life.

Day in and day out, the media make us believe there’s something wrong with our ordinary lives. They make us believe that ordinary means mediocre, when in fact, it doesn’t. Ordinary can be fulfilling and freeing, as long as it serves our personal needs and wants. We don’t all need to be the lead in an incredible against-all-the-odds type of life story. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going with the flow and/or achieving “small” daily victories.

For many of us, not eating junk food today is one such victory. Taking the time to meditate is a victory. Keeping our diet going or hitting the gym despite our inner resistance is a victory. True change comes gradually, by practicing it day after day, little by little. But if you’re wondering, how come some people out there are achieving so much and all I’m doing is resisting eating junk food, here’s the answer.

First, you don’t know the true story of those people. You only know what the media outlets are telling you. You haven’t even met that person. You don’t know how they feel as they start the new day. You don’t know what they’re actually struggling with. Second, can you see how you’re turning against yourself and how it diminishes your self-worth when you belittle your daily victories?

It’s normal that you want to achieve more. So, how can you do that? By identifying and dissolving your self-imposed limitations. Here’s how.


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What does self-imposed limitation mean?
First things first, what is a self-imposed limitation? A self-imposed limitation means the beliefs you carry about life and yourself – those beliefs that work against you, that make you turn against yourself, diminishing your self-worth and humanity.

For example, you might believe that skinny means happy. It means being appreciated and loved. You might be fighting with yourself every day, hating food, hating the way you look. You might be treating your body like an object, instead of the living breathing marvelous organism that it is. By seeing your body as an object that must be manipulated and morphed into certain shapes, you would be diminishing your light as a human being.

So, a self-imposed limitation means trying to see things smaller than they actually are. It means making yourself smaller than you actually are. It’s like how sometimes teenage girls make themselves look not so smart, so that boys like them. Who would want a boy who wants a dumb girl, though? It’s that same logic; it just becomes worse as we continue living.

Anything that makes you feel or be smaller is a self-imposed limitation. It is self-imposed because there is no official rule that says it needs to be so. Some members of society uphold such beliefs, and many others don’t. You just need to find a new tribe if your current one limits you.

What are self-imposed limitations?
Here are more examples.
“I am a woman and women don’t become presidents.” Did you know that close to 70 nations around the world have already had women presidents or prime ministers? Just because it hasn’t happened in your country yet, doesn’t mean it can’t.
“I am overweight and overweight people aren’t attractive.” Really? Think again. People have different tastes; who’s to say everyone has to like bones?
“I am not good enough.” This is one of the worst ones. Whose script is this? Who told you that – can you recall the very first time you felt that? You were probably little, stacked against big adults, who made you feel inadequate. You can stop carrying that feeling now.
“The world is a dangerous place. I shouldn’t take risks.” Also, said who? The world can be safe or dangerous, it can also just be in the middle. What matters is how you connect to life – do you connect to the world around you through anxiety or through trust?


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How do you overcome limitations?
Our beliefs run very deep, so deep that sometimes we don’t even realize that they are our operating model. We automatically do what we do, without questioning why. One way to realize our negative beliefs is by talking to people. Because they have other beliefs, sharing can be truly enriching. Who would’ve thought, right?

It’s even better if the people you share your life with work on themselves. If you can’t find such people, you can always begin to work with a coach, a counselor, a therapist, or even a psychic advisor. As long as they present you with “new” ways of looking at life, instead of reinforcing what you think, and agreeing with you just to please you.

It does sound very simple, yes, but we need to see other people as resources. It’s through people we can heal. It’s through others we can be exposed to new ways of living, thinking, and even feeling. For example, we might not be feeling pretty. Someone else might think we’re pretty. If only we can allow their appreciation and admiration to come in through our skin into our heart!

By the same token, however, you would want to be careful about toxic people. While people can be amazing resources, it’s true that they can also hurt us. That’s how vulnerable we are as people. It just is how it is.

Working with a professional
The one great thing about working with a professional, whether she is a therapist, a counselor, a coach, a yoga teacher, a meditation guru, or a psychic advisor, is that this person has done enough self-work that they’ve experience with self-limiting beliefs and overcoming them. While you can read their books (or even this article), the way to heal is through human interaction.

Only through others, we can see ourselves through new eyes. They might not agree with our beliefs. And if they share that with us, it can help us relax our rigid ways of seeing life and our own selves. It might help us to open ourselves to new ideas about life and ourselves. It might feel uncomfortable at first – as our beliefs provide some kind of a structure. But once that structure becomes healthier, you’ll feel better.

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