Terrible twos, moody teenagers or midlife crises, often you will hear the immortal words, ‘they’re just going through a phase!’ Well, Astrologers will frequently say the same about the Moon and its many phases!

For the Moon regularly undergoes a set of eight phases and the effects these have upon us is at times not dissimilar to a toddler’s tantrum or difficult teen. This being due to the Moon’s very nature and its influence upon its environment including us. However, we may not always be consciously aware of the impact the Moon has upon us at a particular time, even if others notice the difference. For the Moon operates on an instinctual, subconscious level, unlike the Sun thought to represent ego and identity and commonly associated with masculine energy, the Moon is essentially just a big mirror in the sky reflecting this. So often we gaze into this mirror attempting to catch a glimpse of ‘the man in the moon’, when really it seems we should be searching for the woman!

As the Moon’s energy is closely linked with femininity by many, its cycle in-tune with a woman’s cycle, taking approximately 29 days. During which time it spends only around 2 and half a day in each Zodiac Sign, showing its changeable nature and consequences upon the environment and ourselves. Therefore, due to its swift movement, it is generally best regarded as an indicator of moods, rather than permanent behaviour. Obviously there are always exceptions, demonstrated by significant Moon phases.

Just think scary movies, seldom is there a werewolf or killer who does not strike upon a Full Moon! While, the Full Moon in films provides a startling backdrop, evidence does suggest the Moon’s power and people’s emotions are heightened and the effect more enduring around the time of Full and New Moons. Its impact felt normally over 4 weeks, with an accompanying Eclipse bringing further significance. So considering each month usually features a Full and New Moon, it seems we are never really out of its grasp. As like that pubescent teen, a constant stage of flux exists, as the Moon progresses through its eight phases. However, akin to those movies, some phases remain more distinguishable. For most know of the New and Full Moon, but perhaps not what they represent or precede?

To understand Moon phases, it seems appropriate to begin at the beginning, the New Moon, symbolising commencement of fresh cycles. However, like creation itself, first came darkness, as is the case at New Moon periods. Therefore, it is advised only to prepare, not begin anything at this phase, unless it is to remain hidden. The following Crescent Moon offers the opportunity to activate these preparations, but obstacles and challenges are testing now in order to strengthen resolve. Therefore by the time of the First Quarter Moon, progress should be underway. At this phase aggression and courage are required to advance appropriately, as underlying motives are questioned. As in accounting, after the First Quarter follows a stock take and the Gibbous Moon presents this occasion. For this phase allows the chance to evaluate circumstances and celebrate achievements, before the finalising Full Moon.

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