Keira Knightly Tarot Reading

Keira Knightly has been acting since she was a child, and we all know her from films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Atonement and Anna Karenina. Last year she married musician James Righton. So what new adventures are on the cards for this accomplished actress?

The first cards I picked for Keira represent the lady herself. Normally there is one card in this position but a card ‘jumped’ from the pack, so we have to consider this card too – in this case it gives the theme of the whole reading. The ‘jumping’ card was the Six of Staves; this implies Keira is someone who has a knack for overcoming problems and reaps the rewards of their efforts. She is likely to have a down-to-earth view of life and does not see it through rose coloured glasses; rather she is willing to take the rough with the smooth. Whatever the issues she faces, she is likely to win through. The Two of Pentacles shows that she is aware of the need to balance her home and work life, and that whilst she may enjoy everything fame can offer she is able to keep her feet on the ground. Keira is someone who meets life head-on; she does not hide away from challenges but faces them with courage and common sense.

The next card tells us about Keira’s main relationship. This shows the primary person in her heart is someone who relishes the finer things in life and appreciates quality, so it’s just as well this card represents someone who is materially successful and loves their job.  In some ways this person is slightly conservative, they are blessed with a talent for cash conservation and production: therefore, they will have reached a high level of success via their own efforts. As you might imagine, this person is unlikely to want to live in Keira’s shadow and would prefer to continue to make their way in the world independently.

With the Ace of Pentacles in the money part of the reading, Keira can hardly put a foot wrong when it comes to her finances. Her resources should show steady sustainable growth, possibly as the result of an environmentally friendly project. The spring could prove to be a particularly lucrative time for Keira.

In view of the excellent state of her finances, it seems a little odd that the mean Four of Pentacles haunts Keira’s career zone. Often this card points to a person who is miserly, but this hardly fits with Keira’s balanced character as implied by the Two of Pentacles, or the cornucopia of cash suggested by the Ace of Pentacles. So, I don’t think this card refers to someone with a firm clutch on their cash. Instead, it could be that someone is being miserly with their knowledge and are playing their cards close to their chest which makes them reluctant to divulge information that could benefit Keira’s career. A cunningly concealed cut in funding could also adversely affect a project with which she is involved.

The Seven of Rods in the part of the reading connected to Keira’s health may point to a health problem. This is likely to manifest itself by apathy and a lack of energy. At first, the condition might not seem to respond very well to treatment and Keira could do well to look to alternative medicine for help. If she does decide to try a more unusual form of medicine to improve her health, she could face a certain amount of opposition and mockery. Whatever treatment Keira chooses she should follow her instincts and stay committed to her course of action. Fortunately, Keira’s resilience and strength should enable her to do this.

As we have seen, Keira’s health may cause her a few issues and this, allied with the appearance of the Four of Cups in the travel part of her spread, implies she will find journeys have lost their lustre. Long distance travel could leave her feeling drained and dim her celebrity sparkle for a while.

This reading suggests that Keira may have a health problem which has not come to light yet and this could slow her down for a short time. Whilst her finances are good, she might find a career related project becomes complicated due to a lack of honesty. Fortunately, Keira is a resilient person with a sensible approach to balancing health, work and leisure and thus she should avoid any serious or long-term issues.

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