Inspiring Interview with Therese Kerr

Therese Kerr is a Wellness expert, who lives and breathes everything organic. A few years ago, after experiencing tumors in her spleen, this created a turning point in her life.Therese decided to fully delve into holistic and natural medicine, making health and nutrition a huge focus in both her life and in her work. Therese is also an advocate for joy and helping others find balance in their lives. We sat down with her to ask her exactly how she does this.

“What does bliss mean to you?”

Bliss to me means doing what I love. When doing what you love is an expression of who you are, life simply works and who could ask for more. Each day I live from the space of gratitude; gratitude for my family, my friends and loved ones and for life itself. To be present to that is the greatest gift one can have. I ask the universe every day: “how can it get any better than this?” And “what else is possible?” That is an open question to the universe and the universe wants nothing more than to provide us, each and everyone of us, with abundance in all things.

and “What brings you joy in life?”

My family, friends and loved ones… My dog Tykey, doing what I love and being present to, and grateful, for it all.


What advice do you have to assist people to follow their dreams/passions in life?

” Simply “Be”. Most people “do” to “have” to “be”. When we simply “be” we get to choose how life goes. I always try to be the awareness behind my thoughts.. When we are that, we have the ability to remove the emotion attached to past-based experiences and we get to choose how we react to every circumstance, good or bad – that is the bliss of being, that is living a life you love. Know also that there are keys to living a powerful life, to me, they are:


  1. Being impeccable with your word – understanding that your word and your thoughts determine your existence and what’s possible for your life. Being responsible for your word and it’s impact on others is also Paramount as your words have the ability to make or to break a person’s spirit.
  2. Not making assumptions.. Human beings are so trained in making assumptions, we are almost indoctrinated into this! When we don’t know something, we simply do not ask and instead we assume we know the answer. Why? Because predominantly we are afraid of looking bad and all we want as human beings is to look good in the eyes of others – and that’s a slippery slope (ego) for when we live in that space of trying to be everything we think others want us to be, we simply never are who we really are. Even when we develop the courage to ask a question instead of assuming we know the answer, if we don’t like the answer, we disregard it and make up our own anyway to justify ourselves, our own beliefs and/or our actions.
  3.  I don’t take anything personally. As a family we have a public profile. We have learned very early on not to take things personally. Understanding that what is said to you by somebody else, good or bad, is not about you, but in fact is a reflection of what is occurring for the other person, is a very powerful tool.
  4. Simply do your best. Know that all of the above is possible, but also know that many times you will fail and all you ever have to do is simply do your best over and over again.
  5. Know that anything is possible and that most of us are governed by our thoughts. Our mind is real, our body is real but our thoughts aren’t and we have the power at any time to override and to choose them. We are more than our thoughts. We are, and have unlimited potential, and are supported more than we know by universal energy and love, but only when we allow ourselves to be.


With Love, Grace and Gratitude!







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