George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Tarot

Today’s Tarot reading is a little different from normal. Firstly, I am reading for more than one person; in this case George Clooney and his fiancé, Amal Alamuddin. Secondly, I am using a different spread – no, this is not because George forgot to ask me to marry him and I am sulking, it’s simply because a relationship spread is more suited to Amal and George’s situation. Thirdly, the last card of this reading represents the couple’s future. Unusually this card is not picked at random but is the sum of all the other cards added together, so there is a numerological aspect to this spread too. To achieve this I added the values of all the cards and ended up with the number 8, in my pack (packs vary slightly) the eighth card of the Major Arcana is….well, wait and see.
The first three cards show George’s take on the situation. The first card is the Six of Cups and this shows how he feels about his relationship. George has a sweet sentimental view of his relationship with Amal. This card almost has a first love vibe and there is a gentle romanticism to George’s attitude to her. He values the experiences they have shared in the past and believes they have much in common. If he has any regrets at all, it is that he wishes they could have become a couple earlier.
The next card shows George’s desires, and two cards jumped out of the pack for this part of the reading: the Ace of Rods and The Fool. Remember I said there was a sentimental side to George’s feelings for Amal? There is, but the Ace of Rods means there is a fiery passionate side too. George feels for Amal intensely, and is head over heels in love with her. The Fool tells us that this could cause problems because George sets her on such a high pedestal he could forget she is human with human failings.

The following card is the Eight of Rods; this represents George’s regrets regarding his relationship. I don’t think he regrets his relationship at all, but I do think he would like things to slow down a little so he could savour his engagement more. Nevertheless, George is so excited about his engagement he seems to be feeding the frantic energy around him more than calming the situation.
The following three cards represent Amal’s view of the relationship. The first shows her emotional response and is represented by the Two of Pentacles. As I have already alluded to in George’s part of the spread, there is a lot happening around Amal and George right now – if anything Amal seems to be more serene than George regarding their engagement. As I turned the card I saw a swan in my mind’s eye; this symbolises Amal moving seemingly serenely through the events leading up to her marriage, whilst actually working hard to ensure everything goes to plan.
The next card represents Amal’s desires and the King of Pentacles helps us to understand what drew her to George Clooney (daft question I know). Amal is drawn to the passionate and earthy side of his nature as well as his love of beauty. He may be quite a conventional husband, but his traditional values and confident outlook may make Amal feel safe and secure. Still, she needs to be sure he doesn’t allow his strength of character to drift into being domineering.
The Eight of Cups tells us about any regrets or doubts Amal faces in respect to their relationship. Like George she has no doubts about her forthcoming marriage, but she has a sense of leaving the past behind and maybe there is a hint of nostalgia in her thoughts at the moment. Yet, these feelings are so fleeting she may hardly be aware of them, rather, she is anticipating her nuptials with a happy heart.
Remember that mysterious seventh card I teased you with at the beginning, the one I said represented Amal’s and George’s future? The special card is; Strength. Strength is a great card for anyone starting married life as it implies physical and emotional wellbeing. Hollywood marriages can be tested by time spent apart, unusual working hours and sultry co-stars, but the appearance of Strength in this reading suggests Amal and George have what it takes to sort out any issues before they become serious. With Strength on their side their marriage has every chance of being a success.

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