The Garden of Love and its Promises

It’s on the radio, on the television, it’s online, it’s everywhere you turn and part of everything that we all do. You cannot escape its scent or sound. Love is around us to remind us of its power, the happiness it brings and what its promises to us are. It’s easy to sing along when things are going great. There is no escaping why love is so important to in society. But what about when they aren’t. When you aren’t in the mood to sing in the rain.

When you don’t want to dance around the room. How can you when things aren’t as they should be? What about when he won’t answer that text, what about when it’s been days, weeks and even months since you’ve heard the sound of his voice? No dancing in the rain then is there? I say yes, there can be. I am of the belief that a heart is never broken.

A heart can hurt, it can tear, it can be grieved. As long as you can feel grief, you can also feel happiness and love again. As long as you can hurt, you can smile. Once there is life, there is also hope. There is more than just today or yesterday. We were also given the promise of tomorrow. Tomorrow is not only promised, it’s a guarantee. How many days are behind you? More than one. Many thousands of days at the very least. Correct? Therefore, how can we not believe in the promise of tomorrow, even for one day?

Understand The Garden of Love

If you can believe in tomorrow, you can also believe in a tomorrow that brings hope.

  • Love problems are what happens when you are trying to grow a garden of love.
  • The fruits of love are what we are after. We plant, we feed, we prune and pick. We pray, we water and we hope for growth. It’s why love is important.
  • Weeds, pests and even accidents are going to happen.
  • We know it. It’s guaranteed.

What is also guaranteed is that good things, growth, opportunity, miracles also happen. In the midst of all of the weeds that may have overrun your garden, there is still fruit. It may not be the lush beautiful garden that you had always imagined it would be. But it’s still very much your garden!

Maintaining Your Own Garden of Love

The responsibility for its upkeep, for the planting, weeding, and watering belongs to you. If you walk away from it, if you let the weeds wreck havoc on it, If you let the rabbits and squirrels have a feast on your tomatoes, then that becomes something that you allowed to happen. We can blame the bunnies to our heart’s content. It’s our garden.

If you refuse to water your garden because you want the rain do all the work, that’s not the rain’s fault for not falling every day. It’s you who has abdicated your responsibilities. The basic principles of gardening all have this one rule in common. They require your involvement. I haven’t come across a book on automated gardening yet. Neither can I say that anything about love is hands-off and doesn’t require our input.

Dealing With The Weeds Holding Back Your Garden

Essentially, if you aren’t happy in your love life if you are not seeing the fruits of your work, then it’s not a problem with the Universe, it’s not that you aren’t meant to enjoy love as everyone else. You may not know how to deal with the variety of weeds that are choking out your works. The pests aren’t ones that are you’re familiar with. The garden needs more water or perhaps less. The soil may even have become too acidic.

It could be any number of things. It’s never that you are personally destined for unhappiness. It’s never that your garden, that your destiny, in particular, is meant for failure and to never grow anything. The world would have you believe that. As if there is a limited supply of love to go around. Oops, so sorry, we ran out of love for you. No such thing has ever been said! The world and all that it contains was created out of love. Love was and is the driving factor and the main component of all things that are alive. If it has life, it’s because of love.

Love Is The Way We Live Happily, Fulfilled Lives

Love is the reason it IS. Love is the fuel in the engine. It’s the spark of life, it’s the energy that moves and cannot stop or be stopped, it’s the WHY behind everywhen. It’s the REASON for all that we do. Without love, there is nothing. There is the darkness that can overcome the light. But even a tiny light will shine through the deepest darkness. It’s why is love important in a relationship

If you are alive, there is love in you. If you can complain, there is love in you. If you can feel pain, unhappiness and know that things aren’t what they are supposed to be, then love lives in you. The importance of love can’t be overstated.

You may not have enough. You may not have you need at this time. But that does not mean that there is no love in you. As long as there is life, there is hope. As long as there is LOVE, then you should also renew your hope in that love increasing.

Find The Right Personal Solutions For Your Garden of Love

Look at your garden again with a new perspective.

If it’s overwhelming you, get a second opinion. If that second opinion made you feel worse than before you got it, get a third opinion. If that doesn’t help, keep looking until you find the solution that you need, that works and that drives away the weeds, the pests and not only allows for greater growth but consistent growth that will give you many fruits so that you are never hungry.

My personal experience in gardening is very limited. I couldn’t help you with that in any meaningful way.

What I can help you with is love, light, and truth. I can see what your needs are in that area, what needs to change, be adjusted and what your expectations should be.

The Three Elements of Love

One thing I can assure you of, whoever you are, wherever you are, is that love is not a dream only for some. It’s actually a promise to all who would receive it. It does not mean that you won’t have to do anything. It’s in you already waiting to grow in and out of you. The promise is one that requires that you do these three things.

1. Believe
2. Forgive
3. Endure

Those are the three elements of love. You can find these three parts of love in every area of life and nature. If one of those elements is missing, so will the love be also. This is why is love important in a relationship.

I will expand on the three concepts in my next article.

In the meantime, continue planting, weeding and watering as needed.

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