Damien Lewis Tarot Reading

You will recognise Damien Lewis from TV series such as Homeland and Band of Brothers, and films including The Escapist and Dreamcatcher. 2014 was a particularly good year for the actor as he was awarded an OBE. Will this year be as positive? I decided to find out. I hope he likes what I discovered as he is starring as Henry VIII in Wolf Hall and I’d like to keep my head attached to my neck for a while yet!

The first card I picked for Damian represents his current situation and how he feels about it. The card in question is The World. In any reading The World is a positive card. It means that Damian is blessed with insight concerning his own abilities and how he interacts with others. It often implies that the querant has found their vocation and they are assured of success in their chosen field. In fact, you could say Damian is ‘on top of the world’.

In general, Damian’s reading is very positive as you will see, but there is one fly in the ointment, it concerns his relationships and the Ten of Rods appears in this part of his spread. Acting is a notoriously unreliable profession and many actors have to struggle with long periods without work. Damian may have the opposite problem. His success and the opportunities it affords him could make it difficult to maintain a work/life balance and his relationships could suffer as he struggles to make time for them. Damian needs to ensure he includes the chance to unwind and socialize in his crowded schedule or those nearest to him could feel spurned.

The next card falls in the part of his reading dealing with finances, and it would be fair to say we would all like a card like Strength in this aspect of any reading we received. To be honest Strength is a great card to find anywhere in a spread, like The World it is one of those cards which does not really have a negative aspect. So you can be sure Damian is not about to live a pauper’s life any time soon. Strength is one of those cards which represents exactly what the name implies; it suggests good health and vitality as well as a positive energy that ensures any aspects of life which it covers are particularly blessed. It is a card which encourages the querant to have confidence in their judgement and move forward boldly.

As I wrote earlier, Strength is an unequivocal card, but it is always reassuring when any card is backed up by another, in this case the Nine of Cups in Damian’s career zone confirms my earlier interpretation. The Nine of Cups is about reaping the rewards of your endeavours, so any project in which Damian is involved is likely to be successful. Success comes in many guises but in this case it will be both financial and critical, thus affording Damian the chance to enjoy celebrating many triumphs. The Nine of Cups tells me that however driven Damian is, for a while he should enjoy basking in his well-earned glory. Nevertheless, there is one word of warning, there is a very slight risk that someone might get jealous of all that he has achieved and he should be aware that this could become a problem later if it is not handled carefully.

The next part of the reading deals with Damian’s health, and as you might expect for someone with so much energy we find a positive card here too, in the form of the Three of Cups. Most tarot packs illustrate this card by showing people enjoying a party and that tells us all we need to know. The appearance of the Three of Cups suggests that mentally Damian is in a good place and that this in turn means his physical health is robust. There is one small downside to this card, with so much to celebrate Damian might find he wakes up with the odd sore head, so perhaps a little restraint might not be a bad thing.

Lastly, we come to the part of his spread connected to travel, and here we find the Six of Swords. Unlike most of its suit this is a benign card and often means moving from a negative to a positive situation. It can also mean a physical journey which is what I feel applies in this case, so it seems likely Damian will be travelling widely over the next twelve months.

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