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Getting online advice for love problems isn’t new. We’ve all done it whether it was through googling common love questions, reading expert articles, or chatting with a live advisor for our personal, unique-to-us challenges. While some of us go a step further and share things on social media, in hindsight it’s probably an action much regretted.

Love is tricky business for each and every person – even those who seem to have good luck in this area need advice from time to time. It’s because it’s so easy to lose sight of the big picture when our hearts are involved. And sometimes our egos are involved too – it’s either our way or the highway.

Whether people admit to it or not, truth is, millions of people have gotten live advice online. A simple “love advice” search on Google yields 227 million results – can you imagine the demand here? So, the internet is filled with advice. Seekers are looking for givers and givers want to help, yet how do they find each other? In a world where way too many websites offer advice-related services, it’s now become impossible to know the who’s who of the love advice world.

Every relationship is different, and completely unique. People want different things out of their relationships, and so the first thing you’d want to do when looking for love advice is to avoid cookie-cutter approaches. Reading articles could be inspiring, but it won’t help you explore your very own love issues, obstacles, desires and goals. What helps the most when you need love advice online is instant access to a live advisor.




Psychic Advisors and Love Readings

Benefiting from the numerous conveniences the internet offers, today many love psychics have extensive online presence. Some build their own websites, but most join a reputable web-club with other psychics where they can offer their services to many more people, and meet and learn from other psychics (anyone who takes their profession seriously doesn’t stop learning!)

Such psychic-hubs are great for visitors too, as they can see the reviews and ratings the psychics have received from the advice-seekers. The transparency helps newcomers make informed decisions. It also helps the veteran users of the sites by letting them know of new psychic advisors who’ve joined, or helping them find out different psychics with a particular expertise area.

Because the matters of the heart can be sensitive, and difficult to talk about, today many advice seekers prefer love advice chat. With no video or pictures, this anonymous, completely private option offers anyone the opportunity to discuss difficult-to-broach subjects with more ease.

Who are the best love psychics?

Good websites help you find the best psychics by ratings and reviews, and the best websites let you see 100% unedited reviews. Keep this in mind as you browse – it helps with finding community-approved, proven advisors who are genuinely interested in giving you psychic insights related to your love situation.

Now, love advice for broken-hearted isn’t to be taken lightly – it’s an important undertaking, one that not everyone can do, and one that not every psychic advisor can help with. Advice on love crushes and more can also be tricky, because even an innocent crush can break our hearts. As an advice seeker, always proceed with caution.

Even if a psychic advisor is extremely highly rated by their clients, love advice might not be their expertise. Maybe they’re amazing at giving career advice, or spiritual guidance, but it doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be a great love psychic, too. Great psychic websites help you sort psychics by expertise. Also, in their profile, the psychics themselves list their own expertise areas – if you pay attention to these important details before you start your advice session, you’ll get better results.

Many great psychics don’t mind starting an online session for free. They know that getting advice from a “stranger” can be intimidating, so they understand that the free minutes can help the advisor and the advisee get to know one another a little bit and see if they are a good match, depending on the needs of the advice seeker. Not many psychic websites provide this option – it’s an important factor, so check the website if this option is available.




Tips to get the best love advice

Choosing the right psychic advisor is a great beginning of course, but the process doesn’t end there. Finding clarity before your online session will also greatly contribute to the success of your session. Here’s what we mean by that.

  •    Make a list of questions. It’s okay if you only have one question, but try to come up with “sub” questions to explore the issue deeper. You can also just pose the main question to your advisor and let them take the lead. But have one question prepared, at least.
  •    Be clear about what you want to share and what you don’t want to share. While it might help to give your psychic advisor some details, if you don’t feel comfortable disclosing where you live, you don’t have to say it. You don’t even have to say the city or the country – this is your very own decision. In our experience, most psychics are cool and giving them information only helps.
  •    Be open to hearing things you may not want to hear. An honest psychic advisor is there to help you make better, informed decisions and give you insights about possibilities. They are not there to please you and say yes or no depending on your mood. They’re there to genuinely assist you with your love situation.
  •    Add your psychic advisor to your Favorites list if you were happy with the session. This will help ensure you find them asap the next time you need advice. A good psychic advice will give you the option to create your very own, private Favorites list.

Still not sure? You can always check the most popular psychics – clearly, they are popular for a reason. Especially if they are popular on a psychic website that lets people rate and review without any editing, then you can be sure a popular, high-rated psychic is really worth it. You can also take some time to read the reviews – maybe there’s a certain quality you’re looking for? Check out the psychic’s self-written profile.

Remember, love advice is there to help you see things more clearly, give you a better vista, perhaps let you know of options you weren’t aware of before. But ultimately, it’s your life and your decisions. If you’re in a very difficult place and really don’t know what to do, you can always consult one more than one advisor. Remember, life is a journey and most situations don’t get resolved overnight. Things change and move and grow and change again, and that’s just part of life.

Types of Love Advice

While love readings is an expertise area, some psychic advisors go a step further and specialize in sub-categories, such as finding love, cheating issues, reuniting old loves, long-term or marriage problems, long-distance relationships and more. If you feel that your issue falls in such a category, you can do a search for it on your chosen psychic website, or check out different love psychics’ profiles. You can also write to psychics to confirm that a particular situation falls under their expertise.

Some love psychics are better at helping people find love, while others are better at helping them fix broken situations. The best is, in our opinion, to try different psychics and find a few who can be there for you in most situations – given your personal journey and where you are in your love life.

Such a long-term love advisor-advisee relationship can prove highly beneficial, and given that live, online psychic advice is available 24/7, it means advice will be there whenever you need it.  If you have a few psychics that you work with, one of them will be online when you need love advice. Such connections can become truly meaningful and supportive, and can really help you make better decisions now and in the future.

Accessing your preferred advisor

One last thing you might want to make sure is that you’re using a psychic website that’s available on web, mobile and tablet. If they have an app, even better! That way, if you need a quick consultation while you’re commuting to work or on-the-go anywhere else, you can have instant access to your psychic advisor. Sometimes, a quick session before a date can prove to be very fruitful!

Having mobile and tablet access to your advisor is also good for privacy reasons. In most offices employee computers are monitored by IT departments. Chatting with your psychic advisor via your own mobile phone ensures anonymity and privacy, and helps you avoid questions from anyone at work.

Don’t forget to save your chat scripts to refer to them later!  


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