7 Unique Gifts To Get Your Partner This Valentines Day

With Valentines Day 2016 just around the corner, its a great time to get ahead with some unique gift ideas, that will show your lover that really care. Flowers and chocolates are great, as are gifts including some bling ( yes we know that diamonds are girls best friend etc etc), yet truth be told it is spontaneity and thinking outside of the box, that may just give you the extra edge needed this year.We have compiled a list of some of our personal favorites.

1. Gift it Forward

Gifting it forward ( also known as paying it forward), is a great way to connect with your partner and show them just how kind you really are. Instead of buying your partner a gift pursa, include them in the act of giving itself. Buy a bunch of flowers and together with your partner gift them to a complete stranger on the street, or buy a cup of coffee or meal for somebody who looks lonely in the local coffee shop or diner. During this holiday, many people can find themselves single and alone, so what better way than to make their day, by paying it forward with your lover. It will connect you both in a way like never before.

2. Go on a staycation with your lover

Going on holiday is great, as is whisking away your partner to some foreign land, yet when is the last time you both enjoyed the very town or city you lived in? Enjoying a staycation, allows you to take some time to do your research about places or events that are happening right underneath your nose. Maybe you will discover a place to dine, a funky little hole in the wall dive bar to visit or even a unique class you both can join. Not only will this new sense of discovery allow you and your partner to gain a new found sense of appreciation about where you live, it will also give you a chance to explore together.

3.  Connect through art

Every single person on the planet has an untapped ability to be more creative and even if you are not looking to be the next Picasso or Rembrandt, taking the time to unleash your inner chart and make Art, will allow you to connect with your lover. A great way to do this and an awesome Valentines Day idea, would be to purchase a Canvas of any size, as well as a medium to paint with ( either watercolor, oil or acrylic to name a few ). Set up your supplies along with some candles, mellow music and even some wine and then surprise your lover or date with an evening of ” getting busy ” with some art.

4. Buy them an adult coloring in book

Yep that’s right, coloring in books are not just for kids and nowadays there are many different options for adults ( or big kids at heart ) to choose from. Whether you want to color in flowers, landscapes or butterflies there is an array of options for all and best of all it has been proven that coloring in daily or weekly, is an effective way to de- stress from the world in the same way that mediation offers. It’s a great gift idea and one that will keep them calm for years to come.

5. Create a Moroccan themed picnic outdoors

There is something mysterious or even sensual about the very colorful country of Morocco. The country is known for its very colorful throw rugs, cushions and decor. This Valentines day, get creative and create and awesome Moroccan themed picnic at your local beach or park. If you don’t already have any Moroccan decor, you will be sure to find some very colorful items at your local flea market, or even second hand stores! Find out your lovers favorite foods and even add some lanterns or candles, if you plan on having a picnic after dark. Finally, if a Moroccan theme doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are another 197 countries in the world! For more ideas check out pinterest!

6. Go on a road-trip for the day

When is the last time you decided to get in the car and basically get lost for the day? Why not take the time to upload your lovers favorite music to either your iPod or a CD and surprise them with a spontaneous trip to wherever. Fill up the car, load up some snacks and simply drive! Make a point of being open to where the journey takes you. You could end up down some back road, a diner in the middle of nowhere, or even the next town over, yet wherever you go, do it with childlike enthusiasm and take plenty of pics along the way!

7. A gift to discover more about each other.

When is the last time you disconnected and let yourself simply be present in the presence of your partner? Gifts can be great, however learning more about who your partner on a level like never before, is simply priceless. Whether you are madly in love, married for years, or wanting to create a deeper connection with your lover, we suggest taking a few hours and gifting them with the following questions. There are 36 questions in total and some require more thought than others, yet with an openness ( and maybe a few cocktails between you both)  a powerful connection will be forged making for a Valentines Day like never before.

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