Yin and Yang


The Yin- Yang are hugely popular concepts in Chinese Philosophy and Chinese Astrology. More often referred to as Yin and Yang and look at the opposing forces or qualities in the world. These can include yet are not limited to the following : dark and light, hot and cold, life and death, high and low. Yang is the white side or lighter side with the black dot on it and Yin is symbolized by the black or darker side with the white dot.

The Yin and Yang are opposite in nature , yet they are also interrelated. The Chinese believe that there needs to be a balance between the two in our lives and that if the Yin is stronger, the Yang will be weaker and vice versa. It is believed that the ying- yang is part of everything we do and that many times they possess components of each other.  The Yin and Yang can change and be changed on it’s own or under influences and is often used in chinese medicine to help balance one’s body.

4 Main Aspects of a Yin and Yang Relationship

1. Interdependence:  

Both the Yin and Yang cannot exist without each other.

2.  Yin- Yang are opposites

They are opposites of each other in everything, yet also very relative. Examples would include Yin is relevant to water, yet Yang is relative to ice. They are different, yet come from the same thing. Both Yin and Yang are constantly changing balance. This also relates to the seasons , the sun, the moon and so on. Different elements, yet part of the same system of nature.

3.  Balance of Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are constantly in harmonious change, however when they are out of balance, or one is stronger it can weaken the other.

4.  Inter-transformation 

Yin can turn into yang and yang into yin. The transformation though, should only happen when the time is right.  An example of this would be the following, spring should come only when winter has finished.

 Main Qualities of Yin and Yang

Yin :  darkness, rest,right, flat, more, north, west, sunset, shade, matter,fire, solid, aggressive, associate with masculinity, sun and daytime.

Yang : Light, south, sunrise, round, activity/ movement, left, energy, soft, cold, associated with femininity, water, the moon and nighttime


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