World’s Youngest SUP Yoga Instructor

This weeks Teen Inspiration features Jaysea Devoe from Encinitas California. Jaysea is the youngest certified female yoga instructor in the US and officially the worlds youngest SUP yoga instructor , at just 13 years old! We sat down with Jaysea to find out how she got involved with yoga at such a young age and how she is encouraging the next generation to get on board with yoga, well- being and better health!

1. Tell us a bit about your journey and how you began practicing yoga at such a young age?

I started practicing yoga when I was 8 years old. I went to local kids classes in my town and loved it! Then I did my 200 he yoga teacher training when I was 12.

2. Being the youngest yoga instructor in the US, do you find that adults are comfortable in taking classes with you?

Yes, most adults don’t mind me being so young and guiding them through their yoga practice. They think it is amazing that I can do what I do at such a young age.

3. Being a teen yoga instructor, have you been able to encourage other young people to begin practicing as well?

I feel like I have inspired many young people my age to start practicing yoga. Lots of kids in my town have started coming to my class. Even one of my teen students thought it was awesome I became a yoga instructor, So she thought she could become a teacher as well. She has now completed her 200hr teacher training and now subs my classes.

4. What do you feel are the biggest benefits of practicing yoga on a regular basis?

The biggest benefits of practicing yoga on a daily basis, is that you gain dedication to the practice and feel much more relaxed.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I see my self in five years continuing being a yoga teacher & starting to travel the world.

6. Finally, what advice can you offer to people out there ( young and old) who might be curious about yoga, yet not sure where to begin? 

My Advice is that you are never to young or old to start yoga. There are no rules you have to follow because yoga is for everyone.


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