Why People Seek out Life Coaches

People seek out the likes of people like me because they are looking for answers. Often they are in a phase of their life where things aren’t going to well. There may be a fork in the road, a decision to be made, a series of options available that require a choice to be made.

What people are searching for is clarity and insight. I firmly believe we hold all the answers within us, however we are conditioned to believe that we must look for the solutions to our problems, and the measures of our success in our outer world.

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years now, and I still, on occasions, look for the answer outside of myself. It is generally when I am wanting a quick fix for something, or am not really willing to take full responsibility for the situation. I look to the outer world for answers when I am not connected to my inner world, and I temporarily forget that I hold all the answers within.

I am blessed I can access guidance for myself after years of trial and error of working out which is “Divine Guidance” and which is me misleading me. When I am in the flow of life, access to this guidance is part of my day to day. When I am not in the flow of life, and am engage in struggle between ego and purpose, my access to that Divine Guidance generally goes out the window too.

In my experience, my ego and my Divine Guidance generally are mutually exclusive – and I am either being led up the garden path by one, or moving gracefully through life with the other.

And so, how do I move back into sync with my Divine Self and the flow of that Divine Guidance. By managing my ego. The first step in this process is becoming aware that my ego is in the driver’s seat, and is currently controlling my life. The ego may ramp things up a bit, once it realises I am on to it and about to start bringing things into balance. This is the time of all the excuses and the general flakiness in all aspects.

Once I become aware that my ego is in charge, I then implement actions that I know will help me move back into my natural state of being, moving forward in alignment with my purpose. The key action for me is journaling. I know, with over a decade of experience, that journaling is critical to me keeping my ego in its rightful place in my world.
My life is so much better when I journal three pages each morning – following loosely on Julia Cameron’s morning pages from The Artist’s Way. I write in an A5 journal – hand writing in a nice book with a nice pen. I write whatever comes into my head – without censor. It may be complete and utter nonsense, making no sense what so ever. It may be that I have a major rant about whatever is really annoying me in that moment. It maybe that I have a big sob and wallow in a pity party for the duration of those three pages. It is whatever it needs to be on any given day.

The benefits of writing in this way is that it is like putting out the rubbish of your mine. Getting rid of all the nonsense that would otherwise be just going around and around and around in my head – the same stuff over and over and over….. and in this getting rid of the nonsense, comes the room and space for the clear thinking and the insight.

Try it… you may be amazed at what you discover as you reconnect with yourself, your Divine Guidance, and move graciously from ego to purpose.

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