Why I’m Running Across The United States

Real- Life Forrest Gump Barclay Oudersluys is making headlines in the US and around the globe, as he attempts to run across the country in 100 days, ( just like character did in the movie). We recently caught up with Barclay whilst on the road, to find out what inspired him to participate in such an incredible undertaking and how he is raising money along the way, to support an amazing charity.

1. Tell us what inspired you to run across the United States?

Really the inspiration came while I was out on a run one day and I was trying to come up with something big to do and that’s where the cross country idea came from. Forrest Gump is my favorite movie so it seemed like a good idea to loosely base the route on that. And then I started looking around for a charity to support. I wanted something running related so that’s how I got to the Steps Foundation, which was founded by professional runners Ryan and Sara Hall. I did some research about it and talked to Sara a bit and they were very supportive so that’s how I decided to go with them.

2. What challenges have you faced on the journey so far?

There have been so many obstacles while doing this. Everything from dogs to weather to washed out roads to just mental challenges. And some of them were expected but others I was completely unaware of before hand.

 3. What has been your biggest success or triumph since you began running?

I wouldn’t say there’s been a single big success. It’s more like a bunch of very small successes. Each time I head out and each section I run, I count that as a win and get one step closer to finishing.

4. What’s up next for you, after you’ve completed this challenge?

Hopefully you’re not asking about the next athletic event because I’ve been able to avoid looking past this and planning something else so I can take some time off. But in life I’ll be heading out to California to start law school just a few days after I finish running.

5. Finally what advice can you offer to people out there who have a goal or dream, yet don’t know where to begin?

I’m not sponsored by Nike but just do it. The toughest part is getting started but once you’re past that things start to fall into place.

Barclay hopes to raise $10,000 to support the Step Foundation, which fights poverty by improving help. You can help him reach his goal, by making a donation here.

You can also Follow Barclay on his incredible journey on Instagram and Twitter.




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