What type of psychic reading is right for you?

Want to find out more about your future, or maybe to understand how to make light of a tricky situation in your life? A psychic reading can help you find answers and sometimes even more. 

There are lots of different types of psychic readings you can take, depending on the questions you want to ask. From palm readings and clairvoyants, to talking to your angels; understanding what you’re looking for is the first step in knowing what type of psychic reading to take. 


Of course, you also need to find a psychic reader who resonates with you. Like any type of service, you need to connect with them on your own level and feel that they’ll do the job to your satisfaction. So, even when looking through different types of psychics, we also need to find one we like!

But why do we do psychic readings, and what can we really get from it? 

Why go to a psychic reading?

For most people, going to a psychic reading is a way to get answers that you just can’t get anywhere else. Asking for guidance in your life, and getting an answer, is golden, and there are many types of psychic readings that can help you find your way. 

It might be that you want to speak to a loved one who has passed on and left some things unexplained. Or, perhaps you’re at a junction in your life where you need to ask a higher force to help you make some big decisions.

Understanding how these different psychic readings work is an important factor to understand how they can help you. These different types of psychic readings can be leveraged in many different ways, and increasingly, can be done online.

Although traditionally, you would visit a local medium for your clairvoyant readings or palm reading, today you can do the whole thing from the comfort of your home, or during your commute. From your laptop, or your smartphone, you can get a personal psychic reading in minutes. 

So, if you’re considering doing a medium psychic reading, and you’re wondering what you need, our list of the different types of psychic readings is here to guide you.

What types of psychic readings are there?

Many mediums or psychic readers offer multiple different types of psychic reading services. If a medium has a gift in one area, they can sometimes find that they can train to offer additional support in other types of psychic reading.

These are the most popular and most commonly found types of psychic reading.

Palm reading

palm reading

By interpreting the lines and bumps of the palm of your hand, a palm reading can teach you things about yourself and show you the path of your life. But, remember, even if you palm says your fate is sealed, your hands are always changing and adapting. Your fate is literally in the palm of your hands.

Tarot Card reading

tarot card reading

With a tarot card reading, you can channel the forces that surround you and understand what is happening in your life and even glimpse into the future. There are also different types of tarot cards, some suited to your life in general, others to your relationships and love life or other factors. 

Numerology reading

The power of numbers is channelled through numerology, and a numerology reading can help make sense of a lot of life’s mysteries. By interpreting the patterns and numbers in our life, a numerology reading can teach us more about ourselves and help us to understand our personality traits, our path in life, or how to achieve our potential.  


astrology reading

If you feel like your horoscope is always spookily spot on, then you will likely get a lot from an astrology reading. Although this isn’t a psychic reading, more interpreting the signs in the stars, this can be a very useful way to understand what is happening in your life and use this information to your benefit.

Angel Card reading

These fascinating cards are a very interesting way to ask your angels questions about your life. An angel card reading can help you find some answers to life’s hurdles, or to understand things about yourself that you might be trying to change or comprehend. 

Aura reading

aura reading

We all have an aura, which gives off lots of information about our spiritual beings. If we are not in spiritual alignment, or we have underlying health issues, for example, then an aura reading can help identify what we need to do. An aura reading is usually done in person with your psychic reader, but with improvements in digital camera technology, these can increasingly be done online too. 

Clairvoyant readers

This supernatural power is one of the most fascinating of the psychic skills, and is usually a gift that the medium has, as opposed to something learned. A good clairvoyant reader can tell you not just what is happening right now, helping you make sense of issues in your life, but they can also tell you what to look out for in the future. If you find a clairvoyant reader who you resonate with, you usually don’t go once, but come back to them time and again for guidance…

Past Life reading

Feeling like something deep within your soul is holding you back in this life? A past life reading is something that can be truly fascinating, opening doors to your lives that can reveal so much about this life. This kind of psychic reading is normally done by a spiritual medium. And, as it is something that can truly change your life, be sure to approach with caution.

Fortune tellers

When it comes to psychic readings, the term fortune teller covers a broad spectrum. This can incorporate aspects of clairvoyant readings, Tarot cards and even palm reading. A fortune teller is likely to ask you what questions you are asking and then tell you the best way to find the answers.

In our modern era, you can even enjoy what is called a ‘psychic chat’ online, which involves talking to a fortune teller. Speaking to a fortune teller means you discuss your problem, and the fortune teller will use multiple sources to answer your questions.

Spiritual Medium readings

Speaking to the spirit world takes a special type of skill, and this is where you need a spiritual medium. These types of psychic reader bridge the gap between the physical world and the spiritual realm to channel messages between the two. If you want to speak to a departed loved one, talk to your angels or ancestors, or communicate with the spiritual realm for any purpose, find a spiritual medium psychic reading.

What type of reading is right for you?

As you can see, there are a lot of different types of psychic readings, and understanding which is right for you might seem daunting. Do you need an aura reading, or perhaps you should find a Tarot card reader to answer your questions.

The best way to understand which type of psychic reading is right for you is to ask yourself what you’re trying to uncover. 

Are you looking for a solution or an answer to a particular problem?

Or, are you looking to understand more about yourself, your personality and your life choices?

Of course, some choices are obvious. If you want to speak to the spirit world, or communicate with your angels or spirits, then either a medium or an Angel card reading is the best option.

To look at your life right now, and help you make tricky choices, it might be that an astrology reading or numerology reading can be best for you. If you feel like there is something holding you back in your life, or that you need to break free from some deep rooted negativity, an aura reading or Angel card reading might hold your answers.

Tarot and palm readings are also always a great way to look at your current life and to make sense of many of the things that might be happening to you, and if you’ve never used a psychic reader before I would recommend one of these two.

Ready to get some answers?

Once you have understood what you’re looking for, it’s just a case of finding your perfect psychic reader. From clairvoyants and palm readers, to numerology readers and other different kinds of psychics, it’s easy to connect online.

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