What Must You Know About Ascension?

In our lives, we all experience many changes and shifts which can be felt mentally, physically and spiritually. A spiritual ascension is perhaps best known as a spiritual awakening and can be experienced in a number of different ways. Taken from the term, to ascend, to rise or climb to a higher level, we shall look at the meaning of ascension in spiritual terms. We’ll also look at some of the symptoms of ascension and some of the tools you can use to help you.

Be aware that the religious definition of an ascension is the act of ascending to heaven or the afterlife, often without experiencing death. For example, Christians believe that Jesus Christ ascended to heaven after being resurrected, and Muslims believe that Muhammad was also raised to heaven temporarily during his lifetime during a visit to Jerusalem.

For us mere mortals, ascension is very much an experience within our reach. So, what exactly are the types of spiritual ascension?

The different types of ascension

As mentioned, the spiritual experience of an ascension can be felt in many different ways. In our lifetime, many of us will feel some of these awakenings, sometimes more than once. For those fortunate enough to be able to focus their life towards their spiritual goal, there is one type of ascension.

Mental awakening

Perhaps the form of ascension we have all experienced at one time or another, mental realizations make up the most common form of spiritual awakening or ascension. For many, this can be a sudden flash of understanding, or perhaps a moment in a dream that helps us make sense of the world. 

Personality changes

Few of us could say that we are the same person we were five or ten years ago, because so much happens in our lives. These changes are a form of ascension, where we adapt and evolve our personalities according to our experiences. This type of ascension can be gradual, or there can be events that force us to awaken our new personalities quickly. 

Spiritual awakening

Those of us who use spiritual practices to connect with the forces of the universe and the spiritual realm will understand this type of spiritual ascension. Normally felt by those who practice meditation, yoga, tantra and other spiritual practices, the awakening and maturing of our spiritual energies is one of the most powerful forms of ascension. 

Soul awakening

Although this is a rare experience for most of us, it is in fact an attainable form of spiritual ascension. For many of us, this form of ascension would be like a brief glimpse at enlightenment, giving us insight into the state of the universe and our true selves. It can also be a way for us to comprehend our true nature, and to find your own way to being the perfect version of you. 


When we think of the meaning of ascension, this is often what people think of. The perfect state of being, a higher state of consciousness where our ego truly melts and we are able to comprehend the true nature of the universe. Enlightenment as a state is something that we can work towards, even if it might not happen during our current lifetime. 

Ascension symptoms

Although we might think of a spiritual awakening as a pleasant experience, maybe hearing the messages of angels or having some clarity of vision, it isn’t always so perfect. In fact, some ascension symptoms can be quite difficult to handle and even cause us pain and sadness. 

However, like the saying goes, ‘nothing worth doing is ever easy’, and the same goes for spiritual enlightenment. The symptoms of your spiritual ascension can be both physical and mental, but understanding them can help you on your journey.

These are the most common ascension symptoms you may experience:

1. Changes to your energy levels

This can be either through surges of energy and hyperactivity, or even massive drops in energy levels. These changes can even happen on the same day. You might wake up feeling energized and full of vitality, but soon find yourself depressed and listless.

2. Heightened sensitivity

Perhaps one of the more obvious and consistent changes in those experiencing ascension symptoms is that of changes to sensitivity. All of your senses can be affected; taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing… This can be uncomfortable, but equally, it can bring about new experiences as your senses adjust. And, in some cases things you once enjoyed, such as types of food or music, might become insufferable. 

3. Mood changes

With changes to your energy and your sensitivity, it might be expected that your mood could be affected. Indeed, your mood will be highly susceptible to the changes you’re experiencing in both good and bad ways. You could be driven to tears by something simple like someones smile, or you could feel deep sadness at some injustice that you have no control over. Equally, you might feel surges of joy and happiness for what might seem like no reason.

4. Physical changes

It might be less obvious, but with our spiritual and emotional changes come other physical changes. Often this is because your awareness and sensitivity are changing so you begin to feel deep aches and pains that might have evaded you before. Most likely you will feel these physical pains in your neck, back and shoulders, but it could be any part of your body. This can even result in things like headaches or migraines. Yoga and meditation can help to alleviate the pain of these ascension symptoms. 

5. Disturbed sleep and unusual dreams

A very common ascension symptom is having vivid and vibrant dreams, perhaps more so than usual if this is normal for you. With so much happening in your subconscious, this is to be expected and it’s perhaps obvious that this is part of the process. With all of this energy flowing, it can also cause disturbances to your sleep patterns which can contribute to some of the other symptoms on this list.

6. Changes to your relationships

With deep spiritual and personal changes, this can open up cracks in some of our established relationships. However, it can also bring new people into your life as your spiritual ascension changes what is important for you. You might find less of a connection to old friends or even your partner, but equally, these changes can strengthen bonds to those we love the most. 

What is 5d ascension?

We’re at a critical point for the planet in many ways, with environmental catastrophe, technological advances and societal imbalance creating a perfect storm for our species. In this state, many are wondering what is the breaking point for the planet and what can be done to save our natural resources and stop our seemingly endless (and pointless) political confrontations.

Many believe that we are moving into a unique phase for humanity and the planet as a whole: the 5d ascension, or the 5th dimension. If you’ve felt like there have been a lot of changes in recent years, this is likely because of impending ascension to the 5th dimension that we as a species are going to experience in the coming years. 

But, what exactly is 5d ascension? Is it real? And could it be the way to save our planet and our species?

The 5th dimension is a new phase of existence for human beings and the planet. In short, it is a new evolutionary chapter driven by changes to the flow of energy in our universe. Our collective consciousness is expected to shift more towards a spiritual and sustainable existence, with a more grass roots existence and more focus on equality. In fact, some say that the current covid-19 crisis is proof that the world needs, and is beginning, to move towards this state. 

The preceding years have been underwritten by the growth of the far right across the world, multiple environmental disasters and technological changes that can be hard to keep up with. Some point at these as proof of the impending shift to the 5th dimension as mankind faces its own collective ascension. 

Ascension tools

Facing all these changes as the earth moves to its own 5th dimension ascension might inspire you to work towards your own personal spiritual ascension. Indeed, with the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 seeing many people trapped in their homes and with limited contact or travel potential, many are working on self improvement. Ascension tools are not in fact physical tools, but are practices that you can use to prepare and focus yourself.

As such these ascension tools can be used as part of your meditation regime, or even if you’re relatively new to spiritual practices. 

Breathing exercises

The basis of our existence and of all exercises, both physical and spiritual, breathing is an ascension tool that can be deceptively powerful. Regular breathing meditation is an accessible way for all to take a moment and bring you into the present. You can do it anywhere; on the bus, sitting in the park, even while watching a movie. 

As an ascension tool, the key is in consistency and regular mediation. Even if you can’t make time for meditation or yoga, for whatever reason, you can grab a few minutes to do simple breathing exercises. 


The power and vibrational energies of crystals are well documented, and it comes as no surprise perhaps that crystals are a very useful ascension tool. Crystals can be used for a variety of purposes such as raising your own vibrations during meditation, protecting you from negative energy or channeling the energy around you in other positive ways. 

Guided meditation

For those starting out, or even if you’re an old hand at meditation, a guided meditation can be very useful. By giving you a voice to focus on, you’ll have less chance for your mind to wander or even to break your meditation for whatever reason. 

You can find plenty of guided mediation programs online, or you can ask an experienced spiritual practitioner to guide you.

Speaking to your angels

To help you on your journey towards ascension, sometimes it helps to have some guidance from higher up. There are various ways you can speak to your angels or spirit guides, and often this guidance is invaluable. Some of the best ways to talk to your angels include angel cards or spiritual guides.

Present moment awareness

Mindfulness has become something of a buzzword in recent times, but there is something to be said for present moment meditation. Much like the breathing exercises, present moment meditation can be done anywhere at any time. Simply take the time to sit still, and focus on your breathing, your sensations, sounds around you, colors or other things that you can see. 

Spiritual bath or shower

There are various ways you can use your shower or bath time as an effective ascension tool. Quite simply, using meditation techniques to focus on your body and your aura as you stand in the shower. Or, having a bath using essential oils, candles and infusions and focusing your thoughts on the healing and restorative aspects of water can be a powerful way to recharge your body and your mind. 

Meditating in nature

The soothing qualities of nature are undeniable, and for many, simply sitting in the park or by the sea is a meditative experience. Take advantage of natural surroundings to truly relax and focus your mind. As an ascension tool, meditating in nature, either doing simple breathing exercises or a full meditative ritual, can be incredibly effective.

Ascension guidance 

Finding someone to help and guide you on your ascension journey can be a great way to keep you focused or get you started. I mentioned guided meditation and speaking to angels above, but there are plenty of ways a spiritual or psychic guide can help.

Finding a spiritual guide is actually quite simple, and you’ll find psychics available online who can offer their ascension guidance remotely. If you’re ready to take your own personal ascension seriously, see what you can discover with a private reading online today.

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