What is an Empath vs a Regular Psychic?

Although the term psychic is well known and understood, the term psychic empath is maybe a little bit more mysterious. Taken from the word ‘empathy’, an empath is someone who can identify emotionally with whoever they’re engaging with. You can be an empath without being a psychic, and in fact many people are. 

So, what is a psychic empath, and are they better than a regular psychic? Should you be looking for a psychic empath next time looking to get a psychic reading? To answer these questions we’re going to look closely at both what is an empath and a regular psychic, and understand what their roles are.

What is the definition of a psychic person?

A psychic is someone who uses extra-sensory abilities to engage with and decode the mysteries of the spiritual world. Some people are born with psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance or the ability to communicate with angels and spirits. However, some people can learn the skills associated with some psychic practices, such as Tarot card readings or palmistry.

The term psychic covers quite a wide range of abilities, and often a trained psychic will be proficient in more than one discipline. With such a passionate interest in the spiritual world, psychics will often want to find more channels to communicate, whatever their ‘gift’. 

Not everyone can be a psychic, and those who are are normally people who are attuned to the spiritual aspects of our world. However, trained psychics will have taken the time to hone their abilities and practice their craft to be able to call themselves true professional psychics.

How does being an empath differ from being a regular psychic?

For some people, being in the presence of other people, or even animals, can bring on a strong sense of understanding and a spiritual bond. They might be able to look into the eyes of somebody and instantly get a feeling for their situation, or perhaps they inspire a sense of trust in others. This is what makes an empath stand out from a psychic.

Many of us have some empath traits, such as feeling a gut response in some people’s presence. But even among empaths, there are some big differences. 

For example, an emotional empath will likely be able to feel the emotions and deep feelings of others, which can be both a blessing and a curse. With this level of empathy, it’s normally not possible to switch it on and off, and emotional empaths might feel others emotions strongly every time they meet anyone.

Some are more intuitive empaths, meaning that they can read and decode people’s words, actions and emotional responses. They may not instantly tune into that person’s being, but might instead be able to garner a deep seated understanding of what is being said, even if that person doesn’t realise how much is been given away.

There are also empaths who can tune into the environmental influences of their surroundings. For example, they might feel the energy given off by places such as graveyards, churches, prisons or places that have felt pain in the past.

So there is no one type of empath, with some having the capacity to feel all of these things, and some specialising in one of them.

Why do some people confuse psychics with empaths?

Many people might assume that a psychic can look into someone’s eyes and understand their life and their future. But for most psychics, although they can get a good idea of personality and other aspects of a person from their demeanour, it’s all in the reading. 

Simply put, a psychic needs to consult the tools of their trade: A deck of Tarot cards, the lines of a person’s palm, or the stars to get an accurate reading. 

A psychic empath might be able to understand a lot about someone the moment they set eyes on them. And from that starting point, they can then use the tools at their disposal to get a deeper reading about that person’s life.

Maybe it’s the movies, or people’s preconceptions about psychics, but psychics and empaths are quite different. Although there is some crossover, psychic empaths offer a different type of engagement.

What are some traits associated with being a psychic?

A genuine psychic will have the ability to tune into the spiritual world, perhaps by entering a trance or sometimes just by mentally focusing their attention. This extra-sensory perception is often a gift in psychics, and they hone their power to be able to channel messages to those of us less attuned to these higher forces.

Psychics are often able to see things like peoples auras, which gives them an ability to be able to ‘read’ people. Beyond the aura, a psychic will also likely be able to interpret their ‘gut’ instinct, and understand what these subliminal sensations really mean.

What are some traits associated with being an empath?

An empath is quite likely an emotional person who will be able to pick up on others emotions and moods. With this capacity for absorbing other’s emotions, they might be quite reserved or even shy, sometimes to limit their exposure. 

In fact, in social situations, empaths might even be the type to shy away from big gatherings or forced social interaction. With that gift for feeling others emotions, it can get overwhelming at times, and being in a quiet and safe space is often preferable.

As you might have guessed from this description, an empath is less likely to be the loud and talkative type, and more likely to be shy and mysterious. A psychic empath would also have the added gift of psychic abilities, being able to see auras and tune into the higher dimensions of our existence.

Psychics come in different shapes and sizes

These descriptions are, of course, just a guide for the type of person who might be a psychic or an empath. Like all walks of life, psychics come in different shapes and sizes, personalities and each has their own special gift. There is no set ability when it comes to psychics and some might find that they are more gifted in one area than another.

In short, seeking out a psychic empath isn’t necessary, with psychics offering plenty of spiritual channels to read your fortune. In fact, it can be quite hard to actually find a psychic empath as they don’t always sell describe themselves as such. But, they will likely ‘get’ you as soon as you start speaking to them, and you will know if you have found a true psychic empath.

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