What Does It Mean To Be Human?

What does it mean to be human? And as human being, what is it that you personally believe in? These are the types of questions that Oprah Winfrey is asking us, in her latest 7 part documentary, premiering tonight here in the US on OWN channel. Years in the making, the documentary highlights the different people, religions, countries and beliefs that make up this world and Oprah is insisting, this could very well be her best work to date!

Oprah has also been asking her fans to comment in 3 words, what does being human means to them? Some of the responses have included :

Purpose, faith, understanding, discovery, meaning, curiosity, love, redemption, connection, hope, passion, devotion and belief!

What does being human mean to you?

Find out more about Oprah’s documentary #Belief and watch the trailer here




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