Planet Venus and Your Zodiac Sign

Love, at first sight, is what the Planet Venus appears to be about, even taking its name from Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and beauty. However, like love, Venus can be a little confusing, as on second sight, this second Planet from the Sun seems to be not just all about hearts and flowers, but love in its many forms!

So your Venus Sign may assist in choosing the right time to pop the question, but it also answers a great many questions. For your Venus Sign defines how you love, whom you love, what you love and who loves you back. Although, in Venus’s case it is probably easier to say, ‘what’s love got to do with it?’ And instead understand Venus in terms of attachments, both emotionally and materially.

This is because Venus rules both Zodiac Signs, Taurus and Libra. So on a personal level, your Venus Sign demonstrates where you acquire satisfaction in both domains. For instance, ideally, when house hunting, individuals seek a place where they feel at home, but also which provides a sound investment.

Therefore, these qualities are more entwined than you may think, so it follows that the attributes we display towards obtaining items are often not dissimilar to those we express in searching for a mate. This explains why those we set our sights on are frequently referred to as ‘objects of our affections’ or unhealthy attachments create possessive or objectifying individuals and why attitudes towards sex and money are commonly grouped together.


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What is the role of Venus in astrology?

What does Venus in your sign mean and how long Venus stays in a sign? What does it mean to have a strong Venus in horoscope? Ever wonder what astrologers are talking about when they say a certain planet is in a certain sign, or that a certain planet e.g. Venus rules what sign etc.? Here we explain all and give you an overview of the planet Venus – and all other planets in our super cool article series we created thanks to our readers requests!

Each astrological sign’s ruling planet can be thought of as the source of that sign’s defining powers, characteristics, and weaknesses. Understanding these features, i.e. the personality as well as the unique effects of each planet, will help you understand astrology (and yourself, especially if you’re ruled by the said planet) much better and deeper.

When a planet is in a sign, it means that the planet is projecting its qualities onto that sign. It’s like living life through Venus-colored glasses. How long does Venus stay in a sign? It depends. The sky changes all the time. So, we can’t provide a uniform list of how long a planet stays in each sign.

When a planet is in the sign it rules, for example when Venus is in Libra, Libra being already Venus-like in life, becomes double or triple Venus-like! So, what is the month of Venus you might be wondering. Venus rules Libra and Taurus – the two sides of the Venus coin. Libra is associated with October and Taurus with May, though as you know signs start around the 20th of the previous month.

The importance of Venus in astrology cannot be overstated. It’s one of the most influential planets. Which planet rules love? Venus! The benefits of Venus in astrology? When you pay attention to Venus’ movements, you can just how much it influences your life, especially your love life.


What does Venus mean in astrology?

Venus is the second planet from the Sun, right after Mercury. Both Mercury and Venus retrogrades are super influential for that reason (Check out key retrogrades in 2019). Venus can be seen three hours before sunrise and three hours after sunset; this is due to its distance to Earth. Venus is the third most brilliant celestial body in the sky after the Sun and the Moon – unbelievable, isn’t it?

It takes Venus 225 days to do one orbit around the Sun and 243 days to revolve around itself. While most planets are elliptical, oval or somewhat elongated, Venus has a perfect spherical shape. If you could observe the Sun from Venus, you’d see that it rises in the West and sets in the East – this is because of the way Venus spins – clockwise.

Venus was always known to astrologers. Babylonians discovered it first but all other astrology buffs of ancient times knew about her too: Central Americans, Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks. No one disputed its existence or the course it follows.

Venus rules Libra and Taurus. She brings love, amicability, friendship, relatability, affection, tenderness, harmony, and beauty. Our relating to our humans is perhaps the most important thing in our human existence – even our personalities are defined in relation to others, the culture, the era. We get hurt and heal only in relationship. Our life starts in deep relationship with another human being – our mother. Venus also has to do with femininity and relations with other women.

Venus tends to bring a positive influence to our financial life as well. Wherever it touches, Venus brings harmony and flow. It brings abundance, creation, and even luxury. In love, Venus makes sure the affair turns into something deep and lasts.


When Venus is in YOUR sign

Venus-influenced people tend to create harmony in their lives – they work on their relationships whether romantic, familial or at the workplace. They like to create beautiful things, decorate where they live and work and spend time. They create art whether through painting, singing, writing or by putting pretty things together – this can be expressed through an interest in fashion, museums, or even by painting your nails.

Venus-influenced people bring basic goodness to their work. Greed takes the backseat and the overall good of humanity becomes the driver. Because they are committed to the higher good, work flows smoothly and they make profit without lying, stealing, scheming, or working so many hours like a mule. No, everything is done with grace.

When Venus is in your sign, the probability of all the above happening to you gets increased. You might feel a need to get a new rug or a bed spread to bring some color and life to your bedroom, for example. Maybe you put candles and flowers to your living room. You pay more attention to how you look and you are gentler with those around you, deepening your relationships. Aesthetics doesn’t mean shallowness in Venus’ book.


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What to do when Venus is in your sign

  • Allow yourself to express your desire for better-looking environments – this can mean going to a beautiful nature site, putting a beautifully framed picture on a wall in your apartment, brush your dog’s hair and make him or her look cute.
  • Take better care of your looks. When Venus is in your sign, it’s a good time to color your hair, change your cut, or get some beauty treatment.
  • Call an old friend and catch up. It’s a great time to revive old friendships and deepen current ones.
  • Call your mom and spend some time together.
  • Go out more, be more social. Venus makes everything go beautifully.
  • Write a poem, take a writing course, paint. Do all this without worrying about perfection.


If you are ruled by Venus

If you are Libra or Taurus, you are already influenced by Venus on a daily basis. When Venus is in your sign, you are twice as harmonious and easygoing as your usual self. It’s your time to shine and bring beauty wherever you go. You will connect people even more and truly, genuinely enjoy being with others during such times.

This is also a great time to take steps to create your dream job. Whatever spiritual harmony you are seeking is also seeking you. You are like magnet and iron right now. The moment you believe in yourself and in the goodness of the universe, Venus can help you unlock amazing opportunities that serve you and others.

Venus and Mars are like a couple. Read about Mars here.

Your natal chart

Because every person is unique, it’s a good idea to get your natal chart done to see the effects of the other planets on you, on your twelve houses, as well as your rising and Moon signs. If Venus is dominant these days, find out which other planets are dominant too, and how the near future looks in terms of planetary retrogrades as these too influence your life greatly.

The unique combination of all the above mentioned will create your natal chart and tell you exactly what you need to know about the present moment as well as the next few weeks and months. Ask your astrologer all the questions you have, and specify which life areas you would like to focus on – love life, career and money, health, family, friends, new projects etc. Enjoy!


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More on Venus – Relationships & Romance 

So your Venus Sign and House placement, essentially gives you a good idea of what you need to make you happy, whether in terms of surroundings, activities, items or others. Obviously, some people seem to find this easier to achieve than others and a quick glance at their Natal Chart may explain why, as Venus at ease in Libra, unless afflicted, appears to breeze through life. Whereas, those with Virgo in Venus, may over analyse, seeming cold or critical, not only of others, but also of themselves. As Venus not only symbolizes our affection for others but ourselves too.

This placement also exemplifies the saying, ‘one man’s meat is another’s poison’, as individuals with incompatible Venus Signs can clash, their basic expectations and needs being so very different. For a Sagittarius Venus individual may want to constantly gallivant, while their Cancer Venus partner stays at home. Therefore, if Venus is in someway harmonious with a potential romantic partner, chances are the relationship will be providing a greater probability of lasting.

For Venus is felt in all relationships, personal and professional, with your Sign and House position signifying the kind of atmospheres in which these connections are likely to happen. While, within these environments, Venus represents how well you mingle and what type of people you like to be around, impacting on friendships. Although, it not only reveals who, but also what you are attracted to.

So if Venus is prominent in your chart you may desire nice clothes, jewelry or frequent makeovers. As well as bestowing good taste, an appreciation for the aesthetic, Arts and a pleasing personality and looks. For Venus normally takes the positive aspects of the Signs of Taurus and Libra: beauty, charm, merriment and diplomacy to name but a few.

Although, taken to the extreme positives become negatives, as by nature Venus maybe benefit, but in detriment or relation to other malefic Planets, it can amplify unfavorable traits. So a Leo Venus individual may feel the need to have that Gucci handbag, while the Taurus Venus personality is content with a High Street one.

However, with negative aspects that Leo Venus individual may find themselves buying handbags they can ill afford. For an excess of Venus can cause exaggerations and excesses, overspending and overindulging in life’s pleasures, becoming lazy and reckless. This Fire Sign being encouraged to spend without thinking of the consequences with the help of Venus. While in Air Signs, superficiality and insincerity may arise; Water Signs may become over sentimental and needy, with Earth Signs seeming over possessive or frugal.

While problems can also arise integrating Venus’s energy particularly among males, as termed, the Earth’s sister Planet, it seems Venus rather than diamonds, is a girl’s best friend, governing feminine qualities. Therefore, it generally follows that females find it easier to work with this Planet, displaying a gentler side.

Whereas, males may struggle, if Natal planetary conflicts exist, particularly affecting female relationships. For Venus usually represents a man’s ideal woman. However, for both sexes, not utilizing Venus’s attributes effectively can reflect back negative traits. So use Venus successfully, especially when it transits Natal Planets and Mirror, Mirror on the wall, you will be the fairest of them all!

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