It is often said that good things come in threes, and when it comes to Tarot spreads this is often the case. These spreads may be simple compared to the larger spreads but they are still useful tools in the path to self development.

The first spread we are going to explore is ideal for beginners and expert alike. Unlike many tarot spreads this one is designed for daily use. Cards number 1 and 3 are placed vertically with card 1on the left and card 3 on the right. No, I have not forgotten card 2, that is laid across card one in a horizontal position.

Card 1 represents the general mood of the day and whether the energy of the day is largely working for or against you. Remember, if this is less positive than you might like you can postpone less urgent activities until when there is a more conducive vibe. Card 2 relates to the things which might throw a spanner in the works when it comes to the smooth running of your day. The last card concerns itself with the likely results of your actions.

Now for something completely different. The next three card spread I would like to introduce you to is a personal one rather than one used when reading for other people, as it is aimed at your self-development rather than divining future events. It is ideal to help you get to know your cards better and develop your own interpretations as to their meanings. The cards are laid out from left to right with the first card being number 1, card number 2 is in the middle and the third card is placed on the right. This spread is unusual in that you choose the first two cards by looking at them rather than using chance or your psychic abilities. Begin by holding your cards so you can see the images on them clearly, then I want you to pick the card which is your favourite at the time you do this spread (you may find this varies on different days). This is card 1: place it image upwards in the left hand position. Now go through the same process but pick a card that repulses you and place that face up in the number 2 position. Turn the remaining cards so you can only see the back of them, shuffle them and pick a card in the normal manner: this card should go face down in the number three position. Pick up card number one and concentrate on it, what does it mean to you, why do you like it? This card represents your goals and what qualities you would like to possess. It may also show characteristics you look for in other folk. Do the same with card 2, what makes you loathe it? This card shows what you dislike about yourself and what you might like to change. Now turn over card number 3, this tells you what you need to learn to develop the traits you find attractive and lessen those you dislike.


Well, that was intense. Let’s lighten the mood with a simple yes/no spread. In this spread you will need to use the cards in the upright and reversed forms, so shuffle your cards so they can go either way. Whilst you do this I want you to think of a question which can be answered with either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Now place the whole pack in front of you and turn the top card over like the page of a book so it retains its original upright or reversed status and place it on the left. Take the second card from the top of the pile and put that next to the first on the right. Take the third card and do the same, put that to the right of the middle card. You should have three cards in a line in front of you.  I want you to look at the cards and see if they are upright or reversed. If all the cards are upright the answer is ‘yes’. If they are all reversed the answer is ‘no’. If there are two upright cards and one reversed the answer is ‘yes’ although the results of a positive answer may not be as you imagined. If two are reversed and one is upright the answer is ‘no’ but you will discover this may be for the best in the long term.

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