The Psychic Ability of Astral Projection

Do you want to explore the psychic ability of astral projection? This deliberate out-of-body experience is a technique that allows your soul to leave the body. Some people might think that this is impossible or hard to do. With enough practice, you can learn to project your energy levels enough to have an out-of-body experience. Learn how to master this psychic ability and have a powerful, positive astral projection experience.

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection happens when your soul leaves your physical body while in a deep meditative state or during sleep. Some call it an out of body experience, or OBE. Through astral projection, you project to another energy level. Then the soul or consciousness, called the “astral body” travels outside of the physical body. 

Astral projection feels like floating or lifting outside of your physical body. You will see your body laying there, and from there you can explore the physical or astral planes. When we sleep, our astral body, or soul, leaves the body but we are just not conscious of it. So it may even happen naturally during sleep.

Some people think that astral projection is very rare, but it’s actually more common than you might think. Surveys show that as many as 20% of people have had an out-of-body experience at least once, and millions of people around the world experience their soul leaving the body.

Is Astral Projection Dangerous? Can You Get Stuck?

Some people talk about “getting stuck” on an astral plane, but this is not possible. If your physical body continues to live, your soul will return to the body and you will not get stuck. 

Although you shouldn’t expect any dangers in astral projection, there are some risks to consider. Be careful if you meet someone on the astral plane. Just as in normal life, you want to make sure that this soul is not evil-minded. If you sense that someone means harm, you should keep your distance. Before you begin, you can visualize your body bathed in glowing, white light to protect yourself from negative energy.

Can anyone learn to Astral Project?

You don’t need special powers or strong psychic abilities to astral project. Anyone can learn to astral project with enough practice and an open mind. You can learn different techniques that raise your energy levels enough for the soul to leave the body. Speak to an experienced psychic who can guide you in learning how to do astral projection.

The Complete Astral Projection Guide

Astral Projection for beginners

Are you ready to experience astral projection? Just like anything else in life, you can get good at astral projection with practice. Since everyone is different, not one technique works best for everyone. You have to find the right method for you. You may not achieve it on your first try, but If you practice consistently, you can learn how to do it in about 30 days. 

How to Astral Project?

Step 1: Focus on your breathing

Close your eyes. Take slow deep breaths, in and out, and clear your thoughts. Continue with relaxed breathing for about 20 minutes.

Step 2: Enter the vibrational stage

Your mental state will begin to shift into a different vibrational frequency. If this is new to you, don’t panic. Don’t move. Feel your body begin to shimmer and vibrate. Relax into this hypnotic state. 

Step 3: Visualize

Now it’s time to lift your spirit outside of your physical body. As you shift into the vibrational stage, visualize yourself moving outside of the body, but without moving. There are different methods to perform this. Some common techniques are to visualize a part of the body and focus. For example, imagine your hand closing and contracting without actually moving it. Continue picturing this until you can almost see your hand move. Keep your eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing as you imagine your hand moving up slowly. 

Step 4: Rise from your body

Slowly broaden your focus to the rest of the body. Use your mind and imagine your body standing up, without actually moving. You will start to feel your consciousness leave the body. It may take some practice before you can achieve this stage. At first, you will feel naturally drawn back into your body. This is normal, and you will get better at rising from the body with practice. 

Step 5: Explore the astral plane

Once you have projected from your body, you can begin exploring the astral plane. Don’t look back at your body. Keep walking away and leave the room. You are free to examine the world around you through this new vibration. You can go outside or travel to different locations. With practice, you will feel more confident exploring new places. 

Your soul can interact with other astral projections. Just be cautious and make sure to approach other souls with good intentions. You can also heal others during astral projection. Envision the sick person and send healing energy and protection. 

Step 6: Return to your body

Returning to your body is simple. Just “think” and imagine yourself back in your body. Don’t worry about getting stuck. You will be able to return to your body. You cannot get lost or unable to return to your body. It would be like forgetting where you live.

Astral Projection Experiences

So what does it feel like to astral project? Many people share their astral projection experiences. When it begins, they feel a tingling, electric feeling. Then they slowly feel their spirit leave the body. Time slows down. The light changes. The air around you feels like water. You may hear spirit guides and voices guiding you to stay calm and breathe. 

You may experience different emotions like fear or excitement. If you feel afraid, try not to panic and focus on the breath. Some have seen dark beings around them. Stay away and only approach good spirits. When in doubt, think about your body and return back.

Practicing regularly, you will increase your psychic abilities, too. Past life regression is also common with people who perform astral projection so you may recall your past life. 


Astral projection can bring peace to your soul. You will see that the soul exists without the body and feel less afraid of death. You’ll see life in a new light and appreciate the world around you. Astral projection will help to heal your body and soul. 
If you want to learn how to do astral projection, an experienced psychic can help. Talk to a top-rated psychic to begin your journey toward spiritual awakening through astral projection.

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