A Tarot Reading Can Help You Become Your Own Life Coach

Business people and celebrities such as Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder and Kanye West, often use the services of life coaches. What exactly does a life coach do and is there a method that you can use to become your own life coach using the tarot?

The role of a life coach is wide ranging, their main role is to help you achieve what you want from your life. Then they show you how to do this. Like a counselor, the life coach does not give you the answers, but helps you to discover the answers for yourself.

They also help you to discover the changes you need to make and how to negotiate any obstacles, as well as helping you to explore alternative approaches to reaching your goals.

A life coach may also encourage you to dream bigger and consider possibilities you’ve never imagined. The downside is none of this is free, you have to make appointments, and whilst the life coach will keep your information confidential, sometimes we just don’t want to share our dreams and dramas with another person. This is where the tarot comes out tops.

Tarot readers don’t want to know the ins and outs of your life, quite the opposite; they prefer to know nothing about you so they can’t accidentally change their reading to tell you what you want to hear. Once they have given you a reading it remains up to you to decide what you want to make of it.

Furthermore, if you are able to remain objective you can learn to read your own cards, which not only gives you perfect privacy but enables you to have the luxury of tarot on tap. Just like a human life coach the tarot can present you with ideas and opportunities you might have missed without a helping hand. Tarot readings free on our site, are offered anytime of day and can help you do just that, if you do not have access to a tarot deck at hand. If you do cards on hand , follow on below.

By now you are probably itching to be your own tarot life coach, so if you have your cards to hand let’s look at a spread which could send you speeding to success and covers all aspects of your life. We are going to use a spread based on the astrological tradition (tarot often borrows ideas from other disciples).

It works on the notion of the twelve astrological houses which are used to compile a birth chart. If you’ve never seen a birth or natal chart, it looks like a circle made up of twelve segments, each segment relates to certain aspects of a person’s life. You will need to choose twelve cards.

Imagine a clock face, we are going to put the cards in a circle with one card for each of the hours on the clock face, but we are going to start with the first card at the 8 o’clock position. Now we are going to move anti-clockwise so that the second card goes at 7 o’clock, the third at 6 o’ clock and so on, until the twelfth card which will be at 9 o’clock.

The first card (the one at 8 o’clock) suggests how you see the world at the moment. In astrological terms this is related to Aries

The second card (the 7 o’clock card) represents your current values and is allied to Taurus.

The third card signifies what you need to communicate, and this is connected to Gemini

The fourth card concerns itself with your sense of belonging and your home and corresponds to Cancer.

Card number five symbolizes your ego and what you need to do to feel special. This is connected to Leo.

Card number six tells you where you can be of service. So, it corresponds to caring and the voluntary sector, as well as helping folk or animals unofficially. This is associated with Virgo.

The seventh card is in the house of Libra and symbolizes what will make you feel complete and relationships.

The next card is ruled by Scorpio and relates to your sexual needs.

Card number nine is associated with what you see as the meaning of life and your philosophy; it is under the domain of Sagittarius.

The tenth card relates to how others see you and its symbol is Capricorn.

The penultimate card concerns itself with your ideals and moral compass; this is ruled by Aquarius.

Your final card represents your secret side and is under the auspices of Pisces.

As we’ve seen the tarot can be a practical means to be your own life coach, but just like its human counterpart, its success depends on your willingness to take its advice. Free tarot readings accurate, at FreeAstrology123, can help you navigate all areas of your life.

You can use our services for a relationship Tarot Reading, or shuffle the cards for a general reading. Everything that you need to know, will be revealed to you and if you get started now, you can become your own life coach today!

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