Tarot for Angelina Jolie

Whether she is being magnificent as Maleficent or simply bringing up her brood, Angelina Jolie seems to shine. What does the tarot tell us about the woman who seems to have everything, including Brad Pitt?

The first tarot card represents Angelina herself and the influences in her life for the near future. Unfortunately, Angelina is represented by the Nine of Swords, which suggests she has a difficult time ahead. The star could lose her shine as worries and lack of confidence beset her. We all know Angelina has faced some serious health worries, but her fans will be relieved to know these are unlikely to be the root cause of any upset now.

The clue to Angelina’s potential woes is associated with the next card – The Moon.
The Moon appears in the part of her spread dealing with relationships. This strongly suggests that someone is trying to deceive Angelina. In view of the other cards around her this is unlikely to be a business associate but someone much closer. Angelina needs to follow her instincts to discover who is trying to deceive her and why.

The third card in her spread, the Four of Cups, suggests that Angelina is not worried about her finances (sometimes tarot cards really do state the obvious). Nevertheless, the Four of Cups implies that she is not that interested in cash either. Angelina’s mind is simply on other things.

Career wise, Angelina should be entering a particularly positive phase as the Two of Cups appears in this part of her spread. This indicates that she will soon be collaborating on a project with a like-minded soul.

As I hinted earlier, Angelina’s health is unlikely to be a major concern. Yet, health matters may not be far from her mind as the appearance of the Six of Pentacles in the health section of her spread, suggests she may find great satisfaction by working for a health related charity. Her charitable interests could also see her and the organisation with which she is involved hitting the headlines.

The sixth card in her spread relates to travel, and here we find the ‘travel’ card par excellence, The Six of Swords. It seems likely that Angelina would travel a good deal anyway, but this card points to a journey which takes on a spiritual or emotional significance. It could also mean that the collaboration that was mentioned earlier in association with the Two of Cups could be with someone of a different nationality to Angelina.

It seems that Angelina is going through a sticky patch in terms of a special relationship and may find someone is not all they seem. Luckily, a new arrival in her work life will prove to be a comfort and creative dynamite. Angelina will probably find herself deeply involved with a charity which could be beneficial to both parties. The charity will gain publicity and Angelina may find her role particularly fulfilling.

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