The Sun is vital to our existence on Earth, our health and wellbeing. It’s the source of our energy, warmth, and light. So, it’s no wonder the Sun is also especially important to astrology. All the nine planets that play a role in astrology and astrological predictions each revolve around the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. In Astrology, the Earth is our base – it’s from different places on Earth we map the sky, as we see it from where we are.

It is these planets’ movements around the Sun that create direct motions (progrades) versus retrogrades and their speed that affects us on a daily basis – for example, it takes Mercury a mere 87.9 days to orbit around the Sun while Plato takes 248 years to finish one orbit. These speeds determine how long each signs and house is influenced by each planet.

The Sun sits in the outer part of our Milky Way Galaxy. It is a huge mass of gas held together through its own gravity center. The Sun is classified as a star. Given its properties, scientists estimate that the Sun will be available for another six billion years. (We might be able to say the same about our Earth though it’s doubtful there will still be human life on it by then.)

The Sun in Astrology
When astrology was first formulated, thousands of years ago, most people thought the planets and the Sun revolved around the Earth. They thought we were at the center of everything. Still, astrologers at the time put the Sun in the center and understood that the planets revolved around it. They understood that the way we see the skies is just our perspective.


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Your Sun Sign
Your Sun sign is the sign you look at when you check your horoscope in the newspaper, online, or through an app. So, for example, if you were born any day between September 23rd and October 21st, you would be a Libra. That’s where your Sun is. That’s exactly why we call our “regular” signs the “sun signs.”

What does Sun mean in astrology?
In astrology, the Sun represents the “self,” a.k.a. your way of being in the world, the way you live “you.” The Sun also represents your ego, your will, your sense of core vitality, your conscious mind, your creative life force, and your higher Self – meaning your reason for reincarnating or soul purpose in this life. The Sun is the most important influencer in your natal chart.

The Sun represents your most basic identity, and has to do with your self-realization. So when someone asks you, “who are you?”, the Sun is hidden in your answer – after you give the perfunctory, shallow statistics and occupation info. In astrology, who you are has nothing to do with your current job or weight.

Because the Sun means all this, our Sun sign is the first thing we check when we check our horoscope. Though getting a natal chart done is the way to go and it gives us the deepest, most detailed and specific information, checking out the predictions for our Sun sign can be powerful too – perhaps more generalized and less personal, but still powerful nevertheless.

If you are ruled by Sun
If you are a Leo, you are ruled by the Sun. Leo is a fixed fire sign – just like the Sun – immovable, imperturbable fiery force. Born with the Sun in Leo, all Leos are motivated by a deep need to live life from a place of zest, fun, creativity, and self-expression. Like the Sun, Leos radiate confidence, warmth, and energy, lightening up any room when they enter. They feel abundant in their energy and don’t easily feel depleted by others.

Like the Sun that has the planets revolve around it, Leos see people as beings who revolve around them. They are the center and they will do anything to keep that happening. They have a natural inclination to rule. In most cases, these are wonderful traits to have. But sometimes, Leo needs to learn to step back and let someone else take charge.


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Your natal chart
Because every person is completely unique, it’s a good idea to get your natal chart done to see the effects of the other planets on you, on your twelve houses, as well as your rising and Moon signs. Getting a natal chart done will allow you to find out which other planets are dominant in your life, and how the near future looks in terms of planetary progrades, retrogrades and more, as these too influence your life greatly.

The unique combination of all the above mentioned will create your natal chart and tell you exactly what you need to know about the present moment as well as the next few weeks and months. Ask your astrologer all the questions you have, and specify which life areas you would like to focus on – love life, career and money, health, family, friends, new projects etc.

Not sure what a natal chart is? A natal chart is a map of what the sky looked like at the time of your birth, from the exact location you were born in. So let’s say you were born on March 15th, 1976 in New York. The time was 9:21 pm. The sky looked a certain way that night – the planets had their particular positions based on where they were in their orbits, the Earth, and the Moon too. So, if an astrologer looked at the sky in New York at exactly 9:21pm on March 15th, 1976, and mapped it – that would be your natal chart, created live.

In the old days, astrologers would use massive mathematical and geometric calculations to be able to draw people’s natal charts. Today we have the technology that tracks planetary movements and creates natal charts automatically. You can even find these online for free – but for your natal chart to be interpreted – and interpreted well- you need a good astrologer.

What astrologers do is compare your natal chart to what’s happening in the skies today. How much has a certain planet moved, from which life to which life area, are there retrogrades affecting your houses, did a certain planet move into a whole new area in your chart, what was salient in your birth chart to begin with? These are all questions that a good astrologer can answer.

Be prepared
If you decide to get your natal chart done, you can prepare a few questions to ask – before your reading. What do you really want to do? Would you like a general life view or do you have particular curiosities you’d like to explore? For example, did you know that your Moon sign reveals secrets about your past lives? Is this something you want to look at? Or do you want to focus on the future? Is a certain life area particularly important to you such as your love life, career, health, or creative expression?

Prepare a list and then decide whether you’d like a live interactive chat reading or one via email. Some people prefer email readings as they get a comprehensive report while others prefer chat as they can their questions live. Pick your style and go!


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