Soulmate or Twin Flame: What’s the difference?

When it comes to love, many of us are looking for our soulmate. Or if we’re really lucky maybe we’ve already found them. However some very lucky people might even find their twin flame this lifetime. 

Most people have heard of a soulmate, but what is a twin flame? Is it possible for all of us to find our twin flame and how would we even know if we’ve found them? To understand, first you’ll need to know what’s the difference between a twin flame and soulmate.

What is a soulmate?

When you find a person with whom you have a natural connection, this is a soulmate. For many people, it’s possible to find multiple soulmates, with everything from a strong platonic, family or trust based connection to sexual relationships. 

A soulmate is someone whom you share a strong spiritual connection. Your sibling can be your soulmate, but you can also find a soulmate who you click with for a short time, perhaps while travelling or at work. And, of course, we’re all looking for a partner who is our soulmate, who we can feel comfortable around and who allows us to be the best version of ourselves. This is what a soulmate is all about…

What is a twin flame?

While we can experience soulmate relationships with many different people, a twin flame is totally unique. Our twin flame is like the other half of our soul, as if our spiritual being has been divided between two bodies and that the reconnection is a truly magnetic and powerful thing.

Like a soulmate, your twin flame can be anything from a friend to a lover, but you’ll know when you find them. The undeniable strength of the connection between two halves of a twin flame can be hard to ignore.

What are the signs that you’ve met a soulmate?

Some people we just click with, but if you’ve met your soulmate (or a soulmate), the signs should be quite obvious. 

1. You just ‘click’ with no effort

When you meet a soulmate for the first time, it’s almost like you’ve just met an old friend. Between you, it’s super easy to connect and chat and it’s like the two of you ‘get’ each other instantly with pretty much no friction.

2. You both feel relaxed in each others company

When you’re both in the same room, there is no pressure. You talk to your heart’s content, you can cry, you express how you really feel or you can simply sit in silence and not feel weird. 

3. You know what each other are thinking/feeling

You and your soulmate don’t even need to ask, ‘how are you feeling today?’, you just know. 

4. You feel like you’ve met before

That feeling that you’ve met before, or that your current relationship is just the surface of something bigger. Sometimes you can’t believe that you’ve only known this person for a few weeks, months or years and you feel inside that it’s so much longer. 

5. Even flaws seem perfectly matched

Nobody is perfect right, but even yours and your soulmates flaws seem to compliment each other. 

6. Your life goals and ambitions align

Between you, your life goals and ambitions seem to be in perfect sync. Even if you’re following different paths, you both feel like your journey is heading the same way.

7. Jealousy and envy are alien

You don’t begrudge your soulmate anything, and even if they’re chatting to a beautiful/handsome stranger, you don’t feel threatened or jealous.

8. Being together makes everything better

Doing your own thing is fine, but when you’re back together it’s like everything is right with the world. To use a cliché: you complete each other…

What are the signs you’ve met your twin flame?

The sensations of meeting your twin flame can be even stronger than those of meeting your soul mate. Although there are many similarities, there are many clear signs that you have met your twin flame…

1. You are drawn to each other

Your first meeting feels like magnetism. And, wherever life takes you after, you always feel drawn back to your twin flame.

2. Spiritual and emotional alignment

Your twin flame sparks a spiritual or social fuse within you, which inspires you to grow or improve both of your lives.

3. You know each other better than you know yourself

No-one will understand you better than your twin flame. The two of you could second guess the other on everything from emotional responses to choice of words.

4. Even rocky patches feel perfect

Being two halves of the same soul doesn’t mean you don’t argue. But, even your disagreements and conflicts work to build the strength of bond between you.

5. A bond beyond the physical

Even as lovers or friends, your bond feels like it transcends anything that can be explained. 

6. You feel a change in both of you

Both you and your twin flame feel that your connection has changed your lives in ways that can’t be explained. Your energies combined create a force that starts a whole new chapter of your life…

Have you met your soulmate or twin flame?

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