Finding Your Soul Purpose is Easier Than You Think

Wondering how you can awaken to the divine intelligence within, discover your deeper self, and identify why you came to this world in this lifetime? It’s all easier than you think and all doable with a few tiny changes and steps. Finding your dharma is within your reach.

First things first – what is soul purpose?

Let’s start with soul purpose meaning. For you to be able to crack how to manifest your soul purpose you first need to understand what a soul purpose is. Many people when they hear “soul purpose” assume it must be a super noble thing, some cause that’s above and beyond our daily chores, some lofty ideal, or something that will impact the world and transform lives.

Truth is, one’s soul purpose is generally a lot more ordinary than all the above. Yet ordinary doesn’t mean mediocre. Ordinary simply means we don’t allow our egos to get in the way. Our ego would have loved to have a soul purpose to save the world, to become some kind of a hero, a special famous person etc. Our souls couldn’t care less about that stuff.

Our soul purpose could be as simple as learning to enjoy life. It can be about learning to be independent or being a part of a group. It can be about cultivating a sense of belonging and finding meaning in it. It can be about teaching children, working to help refugees, or devoting yourself to a cause you believe in.

Above all, we come to Earth to evolve as souls – evolve emotionally and spiritually. So it’s not about titles or trying to feel important through your work. If you find that you are using your devotion to a cause to feel like you matter, that you are important, then you’re acting from a wounded place, and not from your soul.

So it’s not about what you do; it’s about why you do it. We’ve seen celebrities commit suicide and poor people in a remote village live happily ever after. The soul seeks meaning through genuine connections and feeling – and the soul knows it is unique, that each one of us is hundred per cent unique, so what we’re here to do is unique too.

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Next step: how to live from your deeper self

To manifest soul purpose, start living a more conscious, a more mindful life. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Meditating for a few minutes in the morning or before you go to the bed, journaling when you can, taking the time to explore your feelings, making more time for spirituality – whatever that means for you, whether it’s praying, joining others to pray, reading about spiritual matters, studying the Tarot etc. – can all help you to live from a deeper place.

Try to spend your time and money on experiences instead of things – we make the mistake of thinking a new scarf or another new blouse can cheer us up. Maybe for a few minutes, yes, but the age-old dissatisfaction, disconnectedness or even depression would come back shortly. The thing is, while treating ourselves to something can be nice, experiences make our souls happier for a longer time. Taking a dance class will move not just your body but also your soul, for example. Try to find activities that allow you to learn new things and meet new people. These are much more important to the soul than owning more and more things.

Shift your focus to things that matter to the soul – writing a poem, for example, speaks to the soul. Or listening to beautiful music. Because our bodies are our soul’s home, it would also pay to take good care of them. Don’t try to fit your body into a certain shape – this isn’t about being fit or looking a certain way. This is about getting your vitamins, exercising for the sake of endorphins, and giving yourself enough rest. When the body feels good, you feel your soul more.

To find your soul purpose, treat your body and yourself nicely and consciously. Spending time in nature is also an excellent idea, especially if you live in a city with a lot of noise. Limit your exposure to social media if you can. Go back to how people used to live – it’ll make it easier for you to reconnect to your soul.

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Soul purpose astrology

If you can’t sense what your soul purpose is, if after journaling and meditating you still don’t know, if it doesn’t come to you in your dreams or in your conversations with your friends, no worries. Humanity has endless tools to help every incoming soul to achieve fulfillment before leaving again.

One super powerful tool to decipher your soul purpose is astrology. Through mapping your natal chart, it can look at your whole life, what you are supposed to learn in this life, and what your soul purpose is. Generally, your soul purpose is also the very thing you are supposed to learn.

Natal charts give the full picture – love, relationships, family, work, health, money, deep interests, sex, spirituality, and mysticism – all of which have to do with your soul purpose. Let’s say your soul purpose is learning to stand on your own feet. This purpose would manifest itself in all areas of your life. It wouldn’t just be an abstract idea – it would be something you apply in every area of your life.

A good astrologer would be able to tell you what he or she sees in every one of your twelve houses, the main influence of each planet, which planets influence you more, your ascending and moon sign and more. Did you know that your moon sign tells you what you bring from past lives and why you chose your specific mother or primary caregiver in this life? Astrology is one of the deepest spiritual traditions out there – make sure to benefit from it!

Applying your soul purpose

Once you find out what your soul purpose is, please remember that it is not about having a big purpose. This isn’t an ego game. Your soul purpose can be as simple as enjoying life. But enjoying life doesn’t mean spending all your money and not saving – this type of behavior would come from a wounded place. Enjoying life could mean enjoying standing in the rain, or getting pleasure from driving, singing in the shower, or eating a piece of juicy fruit.

Don’t let all this bother you. Again, ordinariness doesn’t mean mediocrity. Ordinary can be jaw-droppingly wonderful – like the birth of a baby. Eight billion people have all been born, it’s nothing new, yet every birth is magical. Soul purpose is like that – eight billion people all have different soul purposes. Nobody’s soul purpose is more special than another person’s.

It’s like a garden of plants. No one flower thinks it’s better than the others; they all bloom like they are meant to. It’s not a competition. The cactus is proud of its thorns and the lily doesn’t stress out about being so vulnerable. They all just be. The focus is on being, not doing, not trying to prove themselves. Soul purpose is like that. You just be you; that’s all.

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