Simon Cowell Tarot Reading

Love him or hate him, Simon Cowell is hard to ignore. His shenanigans have certainly set the headlines ablaze, but what is Simon really about?
The first card I picked for Simon represents something that will be really important to Simon soon. On this occasion, I picked Death. Are we really going to lose Simon? No, Death in the Tarot seldom means someone is going to die. Instead, it means a situation is about to change – this change is natural, gradual and often expected. So for Simon one door will open as another closes.
The second card I picked represents Simon’s relationships and I chose the Queen of Cups. This implies that a gentle loving person will come to the fore in Simon’s life. This person will probably be artistic and sensitive to the needs of others – they really feel for the underdog. They will also teach Simon how to be more giving and in tune with his own emotions, as well as more sensitive to the feelings of those around him.
The Five of Swords appears in the part of Simon’s spread relating to cash. It’s difficult to imagine Simon being constrained by a lack of coins, but he may have to put some effort in to get some money which is owed to him. He will win through but the whole business will be messy and he could end up with some very runny egg on his face.
You remember the lovely person who appeared in the relationship sector of Simon’s spread? Well, they’re back in the form of the Two of Cups (the most fortunate card for relationships) in his career sector. So, it seems a career based interaction could become something more special for lucky Simon. He might also benefit from working in partnership with another entrepreneur.
With so much going on in his social life it’s not surprising the sprightly Ace of Pentacles appears in the part of his reading that relates to his health. Simon has probably never felt fitter than he does now and there is a definite spring in his step.
Simon will be travelling around (as you might expect for someone with his lifestyle), for this aspect of his reading I chose the Queen of Pentacles. One trip Simons takes will be particularly important. I feel it will either be unusually slow with a number of delays or taken with some reluctance. The object of the trip will be a visit to a sexy dark haired, earthy person who has a taste for luxury.
Simon is certainly going to experience some major changes in his life. The tarot cards lead me to believe his relationships will undergo some kind of transformation and they seem to have a knock-on influence on many other aspects of his life. It seems that whatever life decides to throw at him, Simon will be able to bounce back both physically and mentally. See, the Death card in tarot terms really isn’t that bad!

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