Saturn in Sagittarius


Like the 12 days of Christmas, Lords are leaping and gold rings are a plenty this Christmas Eve. As ringed Planet, Saturn takes a leap of faith from Scorpio into its new Lord of Sagittarius, making it the 1st day of Saturn in Sagittarius. However, is it a season to be jolly, or could gas cause discomfort for Christmas?

For the 24th December sees the two gaseous Planets of Saturn and Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter combine. After solemn Saturn’s spell in brooding and mysterious Scorpio, jovial Sagittarius should provide some light relief. However, as cautious Saturn steps out with this Sign of Lady Luck, he finds himself somewhat out of his comfort zone. It seeming a classic case of opposites attracts, but like the fable, can sluggish Saturn’s tortoise keep pace with spontaneous Sagittarius’s hare?

As Sagittarius is impulsive, the Sign of Centaur-archer, half man/horse, it dislikes its unconstrained impetus being reined in. Therefore, coupled with Saturn its gallop is slowed down by obstacles and regulations, particularly in Sagittarius governed areas of all affairs Foreign, Religion and the higher realms of justice and learning. This no doubt becoming apparent over the next couple of years, as ‘Time Lord’, Saturn usually resides in each Zodiac Sign approximately two and a half years. Therefore, this episode allows this restrictive ‘Lord of the Rings’ an opportunity to reach some ‘Middle Earth’ with expansive Sagittarius, constantly seeking new frontiers.

Quite literally in fact, as under this cycle, Saturn representing time meets Sagittarius governing travel, hence Space discovery is prominent. We have already begun witnessing advances in this area such as the Rosetta mission, along with accidents calling for Saturn’s greater control. As simply put, this transit oversees those in transit, especially large transportation, its last visit combined Saturn’s restrictive nature with Sagittarian aspects of legality and travel, initiating a smoking ban on buses and subways. So, we may experience further overall effects to transport industries worldwide and immigration controls. Some airlines may go bust, as other modes of transportation like Hybrid vehicles and trams make a greater resurgence. Incidents with weather extremities or crashes are also feasible, allowing Saturn to put the brakes on hazardous practices.

Other types of crashes also seem realistic, as previous periods of Saturn in Sagittarius have coincided with market crashes. The first recorded observation being the October 1929 crash, out of which the 1987 crash was forecasted. Therefore, based on this synopsis, October 2017 looks set to follow suit. For Sagittarius is the Sign of speculation, but under harsh Saturn’s transit the adage of ‘speculate to accumulate’ does not pay off. So risky commercial transactions are unadvisable at this time, as Saturn will limit rewards, meaning if any are received they will need effort. However, looking positively, Saturn’s presence does provide structure. Therefore, there may be crashes, but rebuilding follows, as this transit offers at least the opportunity to introduce new methods of banking and credit to a complete redefining of worldwide banking.

While this revolutionizing not only applies to financial systems, as Sagittarius covers speculation in all its forms, from gambling and gossiping to advertising and propaganda. So under this transit, expect anything from stricter controls regarding online gaming and advertising, to libel rulings, publishing modifications or unsubstantiated, divisive political rhetoric queried. As Saturn’s stint in Scorpio exposed underhand activities, Saturn in Sagittarius advances this process, by questioning the status quo. Some might say it is just playing ‘devil’s advocate’, but it does so in order to seek truth and establish what is ethically right.

Therefore, under a Sagittarius Saturn period it is unsurprising to find the pillars of Religion shaken, as the Jim Baker scandal exhibited under a past Saturn in Sagittarius phase, expect more similar occurrences. As at these times you could say the gospel is ‘not taken as gospel’. Subsequently, this new cycle may challenge those wolves in sheep’s clothing, performing morally reprehensible acts under the guise of Religion, forcing revisions and curtailment of negative religious elements including Fundamentalist ideology.

Saturn enters Sagittarius as Jupiter journeys through Leo, this aspect signifying danger around those in power. At these times World Leaders fall from grace, death of Monarchs are possible, assassination attempts or even heart attacks. Although, on a brighter note comes the promise of productive discoveries in Science, Medicine or Education. As Jupiter rules the liver, advances are achievable in this area. While we may see cures or increases of diseases like Parkinson’s, Asthma and nervous disorders, found along the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. As well as a surge in musculature hip and joint difficulties and weight loss schemes.

In sum, like a circus double-act of clown and tightrope walker, this phase forces the great Benefic, through Sagittarius, in the ring with the great Malefic. Although, integrating these extreme energies may appear an impossible feat, common ground exists. For both bestow wise counsel in differing ways, Saturn favoring a prudent course of action, to the ‘sagacious’ trusting wisdom Sagittarius possesses in a higher order. Therefore, neither is all dark or light, as like negative and positive charges, both cancel each other out to achieve a neutral state of balance. So utilizing Sagittarius within Saturn’s rings is akin in a sense to a gastric band, as by applying constriction and expansion appropriately achieves calculated risks, deserved rewards and spiritual growth. The key to Saturn in Sagittarius is ‘everything in moderation!’

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