Nowadays we constantly see charity bike rides, where individuals undergo lengthy, often grueling journeys. However, after undertaking these cycles, regardless of the difficulties, the sense of satisfaction usually outweighs the struggle. Well, you could say the same for the Cycles of Saturn!

For like other Planets in our Solar system, the Planet Saturn completes a number of cycles throughout an individual’s life, but as Saturn is regarded as the serious parent of the Solar system, it is not surprising that its cycles are of such importance. So, Saturn’s cycles may prove drawn out and arduous, but when you reach the finishing line, you should find yourself in a better position.

However, just as race courses differ depending where you are, Saturn’s cycles vary according to where you are in your life. Therefore, some of you may experience as just a warm-up, while others may feel like the race of your life. For the effects of Saturn’s cycles can be felt every 7 years, perhaps this is where the ‘7 year itch’ arises from.

For at these times you could say something is causing irritation and needs addressing, so adjustments are usually made at these times. So, around the age of 14 adolescence emerges and at 21 we are officially an adult. However, a complete Saturn cycle of the Sun takes around 29 years, so it is at these periods that we experience significant change.

This is commonly referred to as a Saturn return, the word ‘return’ seeming appropriate, as at this time you could say like a long-term investment we see a return. So, if up until this stage we have invested little in life, then our return may be disappointing. However, on the up side, there is still time to invest, as it is generally regarded that until your first Saturn return you are still shopping around.

For many believe that only at our first Saturn return do we reach maturity, as up until this point we are still experimenting, trying to establish a sense of who we are and what our life is about. So, like an artist, until then, we maybe trying out life’s palette of colours, but when our Saturn return comes around the bigger picture starts to take shape. For our first Saturn return is a time when we can begin to build the foundations of our life.

Therefore, Saturn may have something of a bad image, the unwanted guest at the party, seen as gloomy and solemn. Although, when Saturn shows up, yes, talk may turn serious, but Saturn’s input can be refreshing. As it can give you a clear insight into what you wish to accomplish in life and the self discipline and structure necessary to achieve it.

Of course when this cycle comes around, some people may already be on the right path and for them it may consolidate their accomplishments. However, for others, their Saturn return is a clear warning Sign that they are not on the right path. So often you will see individuals who are undergoing their first Saturn return appear to make drastic changes.

For instance, an individual may execute a complete U-turn career wise, choosing a totally different career to the one previously considered. As utilized this Saturn cycle has the potential to steer you onto your right cycle path.

However, it seems problems can occur when we veer off course. So you could say your Saturn return puts you on the right track and blunders and mistakes we make before it, we for the most part get away with.

However, if after our Saturn return we resist progressing forward, choosing to back-pedal and repeat the same mistakes, then Saturn will put the brakes on. As Saturn is regarded as the planetary teacher, so if we do not learn from its lessons, detention beckons. So returns may prove testing, but it is often after its transit that the real repercussions occur.

So, if we work with its transits rather than pedaling against them, when the big returns come around it will not seem as unsettling. Fortunately, we have to wait around 29 years before we experience each Saturn return.

So we find ourselves having reached a completely different destination in life when our second Saturn return comes around, as for many it is a period of crystallization, having often established careers and families.

At this time, growing older or preparations for retirement may be at the forefront of our minds, organizing and discarding what is superfluous, such as downsizing homes. Therefore, leaving us in a better position when the next Saturn cycle comes around. So, whether a cycle of tablets, race or Saturn cycle, stay the course and you will be better for it!

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