Russian President Vladimir Putin in Astrology News


Not a day goes by without Vladimir Putin hitting the headlines. Sometimes his actions seem risible, such as posing bare-chested on a horse, others can be terrifyingly bellicose but what is Russia’s man of iron really like – the answers may surprise you.
The first card I picked for Putin was the King of Pentacles. This card suggests Putin is a materialistic person, he likes money and expensive items; he probably has good taste, although his sense of the aesthetic is more likely to be Michelangelo than Banksy. Putin is a conservative character and values traditional ways of thinking. He is also someone who is positive that they are right and when he decides something there is no reasoning with him.
The second card in the spread shows how Putin relates to others. In this case the card is the Two of Pentacles. This implies he can balance home and career when he wants but his work life usually takes priority. Putin is able to separate these two areas of his life and this can work rather well, as those close to him are able to avoid the media hubbub that surrounds him and carry on their lives in peace.
The Star appears in the part of Putin’s spread which relates to his finances and it ties in very well concerning my comments about the King of Pentacles. Putin’s clever with his cash, there is some hidden away for a rainy day or if he should ever have to leave Russia in a hurry. I doubt anyone knows the full extent of his assets apart from Putin himself but he will probably have investments in cutting edge technology.
In relation to Putin’s career I chose the Six of Swords. This infers that Putin is looking to develop his role in the world further. He has a strong intellect and is a ‘man with a plan’. He seems to be interested in events outside Russia and could be seek to expand his borders further or make new allies.
In the part of the reading relating to Putin’s health I accidently picked two cards, when this happens most tarot readers consider both cards to be important. The first card I picked was the Six of Staves, this suggests a fit man who seems invulnerable but the next card; the Four of Pentacles implies this is not the case. In this reading the Four of Pentacles suggested Putin is keeping a secret, as I read the cards I felt that he may have chest related health issues.
The last card, The Queen of Staves, relates to travel. Putin probably likes traveling and will do so readily. He will soon make an important trip somewhere hot, either in the sense of temperature or in the sense of political unease.
The tarot revels Vladimir Putin is a complex man who is remarkably materialistic. He is analytical and would probably make a good chess player. Unfortunately his arrogance and ultra-conservative approach makes him undiplomatic and this complicates his relationship with the rest of the world.

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