From a very early age, I believe that I was drawn towards the art of healing and mysticism.This may have been due to my family background, as my grandfather and mother were involved in the entertainment world with escapology, mind reading, palmistry and spiritualism. Then again, it may have been because it is my incarnation to follow the path where I left it last! There were many occasions as a child that I received healing after injuring, or having cut myself when playing outside of my home, being the slightly rebellious child that I was.

I received this form of energy healing from my grandfather who had travelled the world while being at sea, and at times from my mother who would also mention that she was able to do healing as well. They would offer some kind of healing whenever possible, or try to find an alternative way.I remember once, when I was about ten years old and hitting a ball up against the wall with tennis bat. I was standing on a small sloping area, and as I quickly jumped up to hit the ball returning to me, I missed it and fell flat on my face, causing some of my front teeth to go through my top lip. I then climbed the stairs to the third floor where we lived, leaving a trail of blood behind me.

Perhaps I should have had stitches on my lip, but instead of going to hospital my grandfather reacted very quickly and closed the wound by using a towel and said “there is no need to go to hospital”. After this, he gave me some healing. I never went to hospital with an injury when I was very young. My grandfather always used to tell me that he was a healer, although I never quite understood what that really meant. Without realizing it, I became interested in spiritual healing when I first attended a church school at around five years old. I was amazed by the stories of the Bible when hearing about Jesus healing the sick.

Many years later, I decided to take a Reiki healing course. On the course I learned how to channel a universal energy with healing. Everything opened up to me, and the first thing I noticed when I was in training and giving healing to someone, was a strange kind of mist appearing.This was the “Ether” laying between the recipients body and my hands, that I held around three to four inches above their head. After receiving attunements, (which is given by the Reiki master to help create an alignment within ourselves and a connection to universal spiritual energy, re-connecting to the true inner self, the soul), I slowly began to feel my whole mind and body starting to radiate with energy, becoming stronger every time I practiced Reiki.

From that time onwards, a tingling sensation would also occur in the centre of my hands every time I spoke of healing, and a pulsating vibration within my palm chakras.When we receive attunements from a Reiki master the crown, heart and palm chakras (energy centre’s), as well as the third eye are opened. I also realized that when giving myself or others healing, it had been necessary for me to reach beyond the ego. One of the reasons for this, is that it may create a blockage and can restrict the flow of energy that is being received from the universe. I then came to have a greater understanding and to know that it is not I that is doing the healing, but that it is coming from a greater source.

So every time I visualized becoming like a hollow tube when giving healing, the energy passed through to the person receiving the healing.This also gave me a greater understanding of life and a new direction. Not only did I become aware of the energy that was being channelled through my hands when I was giving healing, but I also found that at times I was often able to sense certain areas of the recipient’s body detecting heat or cold.These areas that I became aware of, and which will be different on every individual may be related to previous causes of discomfort, disease or blockages, within the client, restricting the free flow of energy.

I finally realized that it was possible for anyone to receive or learn to heal, and develop their awareness through Reiki healing. Reiki works on a higher vibration creating change, transformation and dispels negative beliefs for these present times where confusion exists.Reiki can do no harm, only good! One of the most important things that are required from anyone who may wish to learn or receive Reiki, is to let go of any preconceived ideas that you may have had from the past, to be open, have good intentions and finally, “Relax”.Let the energy do the work!

Gary is a Usui & Karuna Reiki™ Master Teacher, Spiritual Healer and been teaching Reiki for twelve years. Gary is also a member of the UK Reiki Federation

Quote from my book “Now it Begins”.
“Teach your children the art of healing and they will show you a new world of change”.


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